Fenrile by Nya

fenrileFenrile is this awesome (and handsome) French person who understands me better than anyone else I’ve ever known – or ever will. This means that not only does he share the same geeky interests as me, he is also open to know more of my other interests too (hint: books) while he shares his own knowledge about stuff I want to explore more (hint: comics). Together, we learn new things and expand our horizons even more. And yes, I am trying my best not to sound biased; Fenrile is pure awesomeness, end of.

He also has an opinion about everything – so good thing he now has a blog – but don’t feel intimated because he is an amazing listener too! So rest assured that he will read and comment on whatever you have to say.

It is impossible to get bored of Fenrile because he has this gift of keeping you entertained effortlessly. In case you don’t know, his interests include but are not limited to: every single type of video game (he has even helped me with my gaming setup), comics (DC, I guess!), lots and lots of TV Shows and cinema, and good music! And while he does appreciate the oldies, he is also able to live in the Present and dig deep to find the best of entertainment / culture of nowadays!

What can you expect of Fenrile as a blogger? Loads of fun and always something new to learn.

Nya by Fenrile

nyaNya is this amazing (and stunning) Portuguese person who immediately brightened my life the moment she stepped in. As weird and complicated as I am, she is the first and only who has been able to understand me completely. She never judges and is always listening, the same she will do with your suggestions and questions about the blog.

Not only is she the kindest person I have ever met but also the strongest. She is open minded but remains faithful to her beliefs, and will always tell the truth no matter what because she is honest and transparent like that! You will see that she often has this cute stubbornness in her way of expressing topics that she feels strongly about, but when she does, it is because she knows for sure what she is talking about.

She is the most intelligent human being I had the pleasure of having met. We are perfect together because we accept our small differences while at the same time we agree on important topics, have the same core values, and share the same interests and outlook on life.

And, finally, I am so proud of everything she has accomplished, and I will always believe in everything she can do. So you can thank her, as I forever will, for the incredible job she has done by putting this blog together and for all the time she had dedicated to it while keeping in mind her demanding daily job, her other blog and us above all.

You wanted to know about Nya? Nya is really the most wonderful person I know and she truly is my own Wonder Woman.



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