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As soon as I saw the cover of this book, I knew this would be the perfect read for an evening with me, myself and ice cream. And I was right! If You Could See Me Now can be your typical romantic comedy: predictable and easy to digest. But the supernatural element adds all sorts of meanings to it. So meet Izzy, the invisible woman.

Disclaimer: Thank you so much Bookouture and Keris Stainton for a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. This in no way affects my opinion of the book  or the content of my review.


if you could see me now kerisIf You Could See Me Now
by Keris Stainton
Publication date: August 2017
Publisher: Bookouture
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Humor, Contemporary

Izzy Harris should have it all – but her boyfriend has been ignoring her for months, she’s been overlooked for a promotion, and the owner of her local coffee shop pervs on her every time she has a craving for a salted caramel muffin.

Then her life is unexpectedly turned upside down.

Izzy dumps her oblivious boyfriend, and leaps on the chance to win a big pitch at work. Needing to work closely with gorgeous colleague Alex is an added perk…

But then her best friend has her heart broken, the pitch is way more complicated than expected, and Alex is keeping secrets. Does Izzy have what it takes to help her friend, save her career and get the guy?

A funny, feel-good read about finding yourself – and love – when you least expect it, for fans of Joanna Bolouri, Cate Woods, and Lindsey Kelk.

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Personal Experience:



“You know, with Max sometimes I’d worry about how I looked. To him. I’d hold my belly in or I’d avoid certain positions ‘cos  didn’t want him to see me like that. But now…”

The Worst: The romance.

The Best:  How fun and engaging the writing is. When you can finish a book in a weekend, you can’t really complain.

Who should read it? Someone needing an escape from reality and a dose of positivism.

Would I recommend it? Yes.



The Plot

This is the story about a girl who has always felt invisible and one day, well, she becomes invisible in fact. It’s simple, straightforward and the romance is predictable. But does it matter? No, because the journey of Izzy as she overcomes her insecurities and works through her self-esteem is an empowering one. Even though the supernatural element (becoming invisible) is used mainly to develop Izzy’s character and inner journey, it does contribute to some funny moments (I wish there were more of those though). Reading through this book through Izzy’s struggles and growth has kept me smiling. It has a beautiful message underneath. Overall, an entertaining plot, even if you suspect you know how it all is going to end.


The Characters

I really liked the dynamics of the relationship between Izzy and her best friend Tash. Those two, apparently opposites, kept bringing the best of each other. I wasn’t too impressed with Alex (there I said it) and I wish there was more development of Max’s character – all we know is told us from Izzy’s point of view, there are no specific interactions that help us to judge him more by ourselves. I also thought he could’ve been explored more during the time Izzy was invisible.


The Writing Style

The writing style is pretty straightforward since it’s from Izzy’s POV and I thought it made us warm pretty easily to her character. I can say I liked everything except the sexy scenes – I also thought there could be less of that, but that’s just me.


Overall, If You Could See Me Now is a fun classic romantic comedy with a supernatural element. Apart from the ending feeling a bit rushed, and the fact there should be more fun scenes (for me, at least), it delivers a beautiful message in the end with the analogy involved in metaphorically invisible vs physically invisible. It’s easy to read and pretty engaging, so it will surely keep you busy during the weekend. Despite only getting 3 stars from me, I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to read something light, fun, romantic and full of positive vibes.



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  1. I like your review style, how you break it down. I have been lumping everything together but sometimes find that I like the characters but not so much the plot. Great review! I am a new follower 🙂

    • Thank you so much, really happy you like it. I’ve checked out your blog and following you too:) Happy to connect.

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