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Warning: This article contains Wonder Woman spoilers!

Wonder Woman has finally got her solo film and it has been such a success that fans are already speculating about the sequel! While director Patty Jenkins hasn’t yet been signed on officially and everything else consists pretty much of rumors at this stage, many of us fans have already formed opinions on what and who we’d like to see next in Wonder Woman 2.

It’s been said that Wonder Woman 2 will be set in America, though we don’t have the confirmation of the timeline yet. Will it fast-forward to the modern day as it’s suggested? Or will we have a chance to see more of Diana’s past? And even if it is set during contemporary times, will we still catch a glimpse of past events?

Depending on the time period the Wonder Woman sequel will take place in, there might be the possibility that some much wanted characters will grace us with their presence next.


Etta Candy

In The Legend of Wonder Woman, Etta Candy is a major supporting character.
In The Legend of Wonder Woman, Etta Candy is a major supporting character.


If there’s one small thing that left me slightly disappointed in Wonder Woman was Etta Candy’s lack of impact in Diana’s character development. The relationship between these two is one of my favorite things in the comics, and Etta appears as a major supporting character in many instances.

This is also one of the main reasons why I’d rather Wonder Woman 2 to be set in the past. More than simply serving as comic relief – which Etta Candy is great for – it would be great to explore their inspiring friendship further.



Friend or foe?
Friend or foe?

Cheetah has gone through many different versions but has become more than just a villain when she was reintroduced as Barbara Ann Minerva by George Perez during the 80s. The relationship of rivalry and friendship between Wonder Woman and Cheetah is one that fits perfectly with the current DC’s direction – exploring the humanity in both superheroes and villains.

Having Cheetah as a villain would encourage more impacting and complex scenes, beyond just yet-another-CGI-fight.


Steve’s Return

Gone too soon?
Gone too soon?

Did Steve have to die so soon? It’s difficult to believe that this character could possibly return to the DCEU, considering he sacrificed his own life, had a noble tragic death and basically served his purpose in the movie. But believe it or not, even the cast and crew have teased about his possible resurrection.

Steve’s character, as many others in the comics, has gone through many different versions and interpretations (and deaths) through the years. More recently on DC Comics Rebirth, Steve has been a major cast member in the series who even exists independently of Wonder Woman. It would be a shame to be losing a character who has taken so many years to develop this early in his DC Extended Universe’s journey.


Diana’s Love Interest

These two have been romantically paired with Wonder Woman in her comic book history
These two have been romantically paired with Wonder Woman in her comic book history.


With Steve gone, that brings us to the next point: Who could be Wonder Woman’s love interest?

Steve Trevor is usually the first name that comes to mind when we think of Wonder Woman’s boyfriend – even though the two of them haven’t been a couple in the comics since a long time. In her over 75 years of history, Wonder Woman has been romantically paired with different characters such as Superman, Aquaman and Batman.

Even though many would argue we have seen enough of Batman lately, there’s also much speculation about what could happen between Diana and Bruce Wayne.

Diana and Bruce - Yes or No?
Diana and Bruce – Yes or No?


Amazons Unveiled

Wonder Woman has left us with unanswered questions, specially concerning Themyscira and the Amazons.


‘Why did Diana stop being Wonder Woman for a century?’ By the end of Wonder Woman, we have the impression that Diana’s hope in mankind was somehow restored, so why did she stop fighting for them?

And if that was the case, ‘Why hasn’t Diana come back to Themyscira?’ Unlike some of the comics, it’s unclear in the movie whether Diana would be allowed to come back should she want to. Otherwise, why would she chose to stay considering she has stopped fighting and being Wonder Woman?

Having a sequel that jumps to modern day could mean that some of these questions will remain unanswered.

Wonder Woman was a refreshing and remarkable movie, a powerful tale which achieved a perfect balance of action, humor and romance.

With such iconic character making her debut on the big screen, it’s no surprise that everyone is excited to know what is coming next.

What did you think of the movie? Who do you want to see in Wonder Woman 2?



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  1. Cheetah would be a cool villain. At the very least she wouldn’t look as silly as the Wonder Woman final baddie. I could see Wonder Woman and Batman hooking up. There is some chemistry there.

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