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Behind The Scenes is a monthly feature that celebrates our blog anniversary and personal anniversary every 5th of the month. You get to know what we have been up to, along with our video games, movies and comic book haul.

December was an exciting (and expensive) month!

We did something this year that we actually have never done before – an Advent Calendar! Ok, I hear you, what’s the big deal, you ask? Don’t act so unsurprised, not just any Advent Calendar! For the first half of the month, the gifts we’ve exchanged were specially geeky, no surprise here. We did try to stick to the agreed budget but we failed miserably. Now for the second half of the month, we’ve decided to add an extra rule to make the challenge even more difficult: we’d only be allowed non-material gifts! The main reason for this rule was the fact we were going to spend two weeks in Portugal and we already had more than enough to pack. In the end, it was something creative, fun and unforgettable. Among the gifts we’ve exchanged, there were poems, drawings, letters, love vouchers, game challenges, and Nya even recorded a song!

wonder woman vinyl
Small but beautiful: one of Nya’s favourite gifts during the Advent month


advent gifts
Two of many. Now if the ‘best girlfriend in the galaxy’ is upset, Fenrile will ring for a kiss!


Before we went to Portugal, we also had a chance to attend a new convention called For The Love Of Sci-Fi. It was short, but we had a great time there. There was even an orchestra playing the Star Wars soundtrack – pretty cool, if you ask us. We bought some goodies, of course, and we took a picture with Jon Campling, also known as King Regis (Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV). Did we just say Final Fantasy? Nya was ecstatic!

for love of scifi
Here’s the picture with ‘King Regis’


art posters game of thrones harley quinn
And this Art speaks for itself. We can’t wait to frame these!


Star Wars Cantina
Yes, they’ve re-created the Star Wars cantina and served drinks there!


battlestar galactica


A beautiful scenario with E.T.


Yep, Transformers!


This one doesn’t need an introduction


The last package we’ve received here at home was, guess what, Nya’s last Kawaii Box. We have a feeling we’ll miss it. Fenrile, as always, seemed to be more excited to open it!

kawaii box

kawaii box goodies

kawaii box again

kawaii box cuteness


Finally the holidays came for a well deserved rest (perhaps too much?). As we’ve said before, we headed to Nya’s hometown, and we were lucky enough to spend Christmas with part of both families. We also had a chance to play a lot of video-games and enjoy the sunny days. What else? Oh, we got secretly addicted to 90 Day Fiance, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone!

gaming ffxv





Portugal at night

Portugal at night









Well, we guess that’s pretty much it… No, wait, the gifts, of course, the gifts!! What, are we gloating now? Well, we don’t care! They are just too awesome to NOT include in this post.

swords of sorrow

neil gaiman


dishonored 2



iphone 7


And that was it. We came back to the UK, and we’ve spent a nice and relaxing New Year’s Eve, enjoying each other’s company, watching Black Mirror and fireworks from the warmth of our bed (we’re weird like that, plus we were exhausted from the trip).


Now we can’t wait to hear from you, Silvers. Did you have you enjoy your Christmas holidays? Tell us in the comments how December has treated you. 


  1. Wow! You must have splurged for the gifts and the trip! I so love this post. I mean, I’m not a hardcore Star Wars fan but everything is so lovely. From the Cantina to the poster to the R2-D2! I have the same question with Sir Robert about the Transformers. But, why do they ask you to pay just for a photo? Do they think that it’s a risk? Anyway, glad you enjoyed your trip! 🙂

  2. YOU GUYS! 😀 Loved every minute reading this. Such a sweet relationship! I could feel how happy you guys are about your relationship right now just by reading the article/update. I would’ve loved to attend the sci-fi convention with my bf too! Sad we’re so far away!

  3. Hi, guys! First, I want to say I am really glad you guys had a nice time. I am curious, were the cars from Transformers real cars that can be driven and are these the cars used in the filming?

    Looking at the stuff you received (AND ACQUIRED over time), I am wondering how you could fit all of them in your home… I have this feeling that in the near future, you are going to run out of space. Hahaha.

    • Hi Robert! The cars were real one, but to be honest I can’t tell if they were the ones used in the filming. But it was cool. In the back there was also a huge head of Optimus Prime which was moving and talking. We didn’t take pictures though because you had to pay to take a picture with it.
      Yeah, soon we gonna run out of space Haha. We gonna need a 4 rooms with one for the office/gaming place and the other one to store all our geeky gears! 😀
      Fenrile recently posted…Review: Final Fantasy XV Walks Tall For Fans And NewcomersMy Profile

  4. December definitely was an expensive month here too. I bought so many Christmas gifts. Great that you attended a sci fi convention. Love to see so much Star Wars! The gifts look great! I loved the December month. I was very happy to get a captain Spaulding t-shirt (I just love the Devil’s Rejects) and the movie I was most excited about was the dvd box op Sleepaway Camp. Loved seeing those.
    Carola recently posted…Movie review: MiseryMy Profile

  5. So expensive indeed! But it was amazing and re-energizing to spend two weeks of holidays together. I’ve spent the best Christmas of my life with you. And I’ve realized now how this season can be so magical thanks to you. Now many Christmas ahead and I can’t wait to spend each single one of them with you by my side. Always & forever <3
    Fenrile recently posted…Behind The Scenes December 2016My Profile

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