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‘Coup de Gueule’ (French for ‘rant’) is a  feature about topics that make our blood boil. Warning: Might offend susceptibilities. 

I agree with you, there are not enough Coup de Gueule. The one Nya has written was the first and last – until now. The truth is that we don’t really have many things to rant about (or maybe just not many that are worth sharing). Now a few days ago, something has happened that made my blood boil. The United Nations ‘fired’ Wonder Woman as the ambassador for the rights and empowerment of women. Why? Because Wonder Woman is a “white female with an overly sexualized image and unrealistic forms.”

So no less than 45000 people have signed a petition to convince UN to drop Wonder Woman as she is not fit as the ambassador of empowering women, claiming that not all would be able to identify themselves as Wonder Women and that the character itself just contributes to the objectification of women.


I mean, they have chosen her in the first place because she is a strong and independent woman, even an ambassador in her own background story. I can understand that some people or organizations would rather have a real-life human being as the ambassador of women. But for the United Nations, the ambassador is a symbol. And more than just a character, Wonder Woman is a symbol. Well, Red from Angry Birds is the Honorary Ambassador for Green (climate change campaign), so that pretty much sums up my point.

legend of wonder woman
The Legend of Wonder Woman, targeted for all ages


Now I want to talk more about Wonder Woman. First of all, the first person giving life to Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) is of English and Scots-Irish ancestry, and her mother is of Mexican, Spanish and French descent. She might be skinny, have reasonably sized breasts, but she has culturally diverse roots. So not really the white American stereotype (which is soon to become a shame to be). What about the new girl, Gal Gadot? Well she’s Israeli, so even less the white American stereotype. She might be skinny too, but her breasts are modest – and do I have to remind everyone that she was unfairly bashed because apparently her chest isn’t big enough to make her worthy of incarnating Wonder Woman? Where were the Feminazis back then, I wonder.

lynda carter
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

What about the character itself? Yes, Wonder Woman is drawn as a beautiful and moderately thin woman. Sometimes she’s curvier, sometimes she’s more muscular, her breasts often vary in size. True, most of the time her skin is showing, only covered with light armour. And so what? These are comics. First of all, nobody says anything when male are topless. Because those same Feminazis drool when they see half naked men. Nobody says anything about those overly muscular guys that have set unrealistic expectations for the rest of us.

Gender equality should be about equality. I’m tired of seeing everything being judged and even sometimes censored for NO reason. Same as racism or xenophobia, when you start blurring the lines between equality and overreacting, then you become the racist or the sexist person yourself – equality is gone. So it’s quite ironic in this case, knowing how these feminists shout out loud about being free to wear what they want, having the right to be half naked in the streets without being harassed, but then it becomes a problem when a character is showing some skin! So what, let’s cover this character with a cloak? My speech might come across as  a shock, but let’s be real and honest to each other for once. Showing some skin shouldn’t be forbidden (much less by feminists), and a character shouldn’t be accused of being over sexualized for that. We should all accept Wonder Woman’s proportions and understand that no single figure or shape should be representative of every single woman.

Does it make me old fashioned for believing that women are beautiful and should be worshiped, just like they were before? The way feminists act nowadays is just destroying everything that has been accomplished by gender equality so far. They unknowingly discriminate while replacing equality with special rules, and expecting body shapes (instead of symbols) to represent women (so tell me, which is the body shape that will represent all women?)

sensation comics
Sensation Comics ft Wonder Woman #7

I agree that there’s still some education to be done in order for some men to treat women with respect. So it’s essential that the ladies are educated and know how to respect each other and themselves before that happens. In this case, there are more important fights than Wonder Woman as the ambassador of women. Because you know what? She’s actually the best choice. There, I said it. Instead of fighting a comic character, why not attacking your pop culture icons, the likes of Nicky Minaj or Kim Kardashian who deliberately over-sexualize their own selves and women in general only to make money out of it? Wait, isn’t that called prostitution? Worse than that, these are ‘role-models’ for some girls who CAN actually identify themselves with them. Then each day women are faker: bigger lips, fake ass, not even eyebrows are real anymore. But that’s alright, isn’t it? Because for the sake of the women’s rights, women are allowed to do what they want with their bodies and faces.

But God forbids we have an ‘unrealistic’ fictional character. Because it’s more important that a character is real, than real-life people are. Of course.

Wonder Woman portrays a strong and independent woman. She comes from a land where men were forbidden and where women are actually stronger than men ever could be. She is stronger than any male. And she is one of the few, and probably the only, who can actually hurt Superman real bad. She might be an American pop culture icon, but that’s how she was created. Is there any need to change every single character’s background for ‘diversity’ purposes? No. This character is like that, and if you want a superhero to represent a different nationality, culture or religion, then create a new one. But Wonder Woman is more than just a ‘white American’. She is the symbol that represents that every women are equal, that women can be as stronger or even stronger than men. That not all women are damsels in distress who need to be saved; they can save themselves and even save others.

Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot have given life to this symbol on the screen and they were suitable role models for young girls to follow. I’d rather see my daughter following a fictional character like Wonder Woman than a Nicki Minaj lookalike or Feminazi politician. Now if you need a concrete example, I invite you to watch Wonder Woman (2009).

Note: The featured image was drawn by Chicago artists, and twins, Sarah and Catherine Satrun.




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  1. I always thought that because Wonder Woman herself was an ambassador and a role model characteristically, she was the perfect fit to be an ambassador in the “real world.” She definitely is a better role model than some of the famous women of today, especially for young girls who are looking for someone to model themselves after.

  2. Laveena Sengar

    This is pretty awesome. Kudos for posting this. I never really understood the reason behind wonder woman being the brand ambassador in the first place.

  3. I don’t understand why people against Wonder Woman as an ambassador. She is literally the best example of a strong independent woman who is not bound to the societies norms & rules. I don’t understand that how her looks affect her character.

  4. I totally agree with you. I couldn’t understand why this petition had started to get rid of wonder woman. Former she is a true inspiration! A string and powerful character. Yes character, she’s not real yet she stands for many great things and she was so ahead of her time when the comic came out. I have no qualms at all that she is in effective a model esqe type women. Some women are, some women aren’t! Who cares! I love her all tye same and she will always be an inspirational woman. Ree Love30

  5. Thanks for this very well written rant! I honestly am tired of everyone complaining about how nothing is “representing” of women. And of course not, if you take it literally because all women are unique and different. So now even models need to be curvier and wear bigger sizes because according to everyone this is what “really” represents women. So for women who are skinny like me, then what?? We should stop focusing on the meaning of shape and sizes and be clever enough to understand the concept and symbols. Yes Wonder Woman has a specific image but most of all it’s not about what she looks like but what she symbolizes! I wish more people could see past appearance and embrace more all shapes and sizes (yes even the skinnier) and stop trying to push a certain type of woman as “representative” of the “average” woman because there’s no such thing as average,we are individuals.
    Nya recently posted…All good things come to an end…My Profile

  6. Very interesting post. I don’t know so much about wonder woman, but I think she is definitely a better role model than Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian – they are so sexualised and portray plastic surgery. Emma Watson is a woman ambassador and is white and famous.. So why couldn’t Wonder Woman be an ambassador as well.
    Vibeke Johannessen recently posted…How To Prepare for A Trip To Cuba in 2017My Profile

  7. Interesting article. I also don’t understand the commotion about Wonder Woman. I don’t get why she wouldn’t be fit as an ambassador for the rights and empowerment of women. I mean, the name say it all right? it’s about rights and empowerment. It doesn’t say anything about size or look. Then what should they do? Make her fat? And then..? You can never expect one person or icon to represent everyone by looks. We’re just not the same. So we should look more at the contents than the looks. We we need someone to represent the look of all woman, we should choose more icons than one. Because that’s not doable in one icon.
    Carola recently posted…Christmas with Conmose!My Profile

  8. blair villanueva

    I don’t understand why Wonder Woman became an ambassador, hahhaa seriously? Anyway, if sex and objectification works and sells, they will go for it. Kudos for your post!

    • His whole post was a rant about what you’ve just commented, not everyone will agree I guess. But I don’t understand the ‘kudos’ bit? Meant to be ironic? :s

  9. *slow clap* Well done. I’ve been stewing about this absurdity since I first heard about it. It’s always good to see the character’s merits defended. It’s unfortunate that they need to be.

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