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Not long left for Christmas, and it’s that time of the year when we empty our wallets and burn our brains to come up with great ideas for gifts. It can be a real struggle to find the right gift no matter how well you know the person. And of course, nobody wants to see their gift on eBay the day after. So me and Nya have partnered up (along with Etsy) to give you ideas of what to get to your geeky girlfriend or boyfriend, if you have one. We think the amazing thing about Etsy marketplace is the fact you can get so many low budget but creative gifts, handmade and personalized. We have decided to split this post in two parts. So let’s start with mine.


What to give to your boyfriend, if he’s geeky like me?

by Fenrile


The Classic But Non-Old-Fashioned Key Ring

A geeky key ring is always a safe gift. It doesn’t matter how many of those you boyfriend already owns, the more the better. And Lucy Grocott from HowCharmingByLucy will give you plenty of choice. From Batman to Star Wars through Pokemon, for all geek types. You can also find classic ones or even those perfect for the young at heart, like the Lion King for example.

Every Guy Dreamt of Having The Key to The Batcave
Every guy’s dream is having the keys to the Batcave


The Comics Customized Accessories

Is your boyfriend a drinker? Or does he need more hangers for his clothes? Kate and Jon Cogan from MonkeyAndTheBird will give you some nice and original handmade ideas. Give him the opportunity to fill whiskey or Mountain Dew in a cool Flash customized flask. Or he can place his drink on a cool Batman coaster. And Wonder Woman can hang his favorite sweater in the closet. You have many choices here, and if you don’t like DC Comics (I won’t say anything, I promise), you also have some Marvel choice.

Geeky Flask Coaster Hanger


For (Real) Drink Lovers

To stay in the drinking mood, you can also offer him some nice shooters. If he’s more tequila than whiskey for example it will be a good idea. Dean Costello from ATouchOnGlass will give some great ideas for customized shooter glasses. You have the choice between Justice League, Suicide Squad, Marvel or even Magic The Gathering for example, and more!

Geeky Shooter Glasses


For The High-Fashioned Ones

Not only girls like fashion, but we guys also like to wear nice clothes and accessories. And especially for the geeky ones, it can be difficult to find something showing our lifestyle. Is your boyfriend forced to work in a suit? Give him some nice cufflinks to give a subtle touch of geekness. StyledGents will give the choice between some Star Wars, Game of Thrones or more cuff links.

Geeky Cufflinks


Is He Original, Vintage or Both?

WhenTheMusicsOver and SMARTCreationsStore will give the choice of awesome clocks that you didn’t even imagine possible. Either using a vintage cassette recorder or some customized, reused hard-drive, this is for the real nerds!

Geeky Clocks


Special Mention

Finally, if he’s a real fan about Star Wars, you wanna have a look at XercesArt and their amazing handcraft creations. From recycled materials, this unique and amazing figure inspired by Anakin’s pod racer

Star Wars Podracer


What to give to your girlfriend, if she’s geeky like me?

by Nya


Geeky Jewelry 

Even if your girlfriend is not super girly, there is a high probability she’ll find a geeky piece of jewelry the most awesome thing ever. StudioRavenscraig even lets you request your own custom order!


(Almost) every girl loves chocolate. So what about a chocolate molecule for the geeky ones?


Dragons Bangle, Baby Dragon Jewellery, Fantasy Charm Bracelet, Geeky Jewellery, Three Dragons, Dragon Gift, Black Bangle, Expandable Bangle
Who doesn’t want their own Dragons Bangle? Fairy Fountain Gifts is another Etsy shop that will be happy to accept custom orders


Thor's Hammer Bracelet, Faux Leather Bracelet, Mjolnir Charm, Wrap Bracelet, Viking Jewelry, Mens Bracelet, Thor Gift, Black Band Bracelet
Is she more of a leather / Thor type of girl?


The Classic Geeky Tee

It’s impossible to go wrong with a fashionable (or not) geeky Tee, even if her wardrobe is already full of them. Whether she is into videogames or comics or anything else really, you’ll find plenty to chose from.

Vintage Style Star Wars Jersey/T-Shirt
Does she love Star Wars? The she will surely love this handmade vintage Star Wars t-shirt by FiftyEggs


Mother of Dragons Women's Black Dolman Shirt
GoT fans will love this one, but it’s only of the many cool geeky tees that ClassicSciFi has for sale


123t Slogan Women's Best Gamer In The Solar System Galaxy Design - Fitted T-Shirt T Shirt Funny Top Ladies geek console PC video gaming tee
Is she the best gamer in the solar system? Then tell her so with this t-shirt


An Oldschool Game for her Oldschool Console

Ok, so the usability of this one is debatable, depending whether she stills plays on her retro console or not. But we all keep stuff we don’t use, for collection purposes. I admit I still keep my classic Playstation first games. Retro Pixels Arcade is the dream shop for any oldschool gamer out there. SNES, N64, Gameboy, Playstation, you name it!


This is a sealed Final Fantasy IX for PS1, a game that deserves all the praise it gets


Huge Nintendo NES Lot with 7 Games 2 controllers Dick Tracy Ironsword Jeopardy Operation Wolf +++
Or if you’re feeling generous, get her the console AND the games – this one is a classic NES + 7 games included


Geeky Stationery

And last but not least, if your girlfriend is geeky, chances are she has an healthy obsession with cute stationery. Get her a good supply for the beginning of the year! Juanny Andrade at Melon Thief Design Studio has a beautiful selection of handmade notebooks. She has a section for the geeks but she’s also open to custom orders.

A7 Pocket Size DC Comics Notebook, Writing Journal, Notebook Journal, Travellers Notebook, Hand Bound Journal, Personalised Notebook, Diary
I can’t imagine anyone not LOVING this beautifully handcrafted DC Comics pocket book


And another shop you need to check for your girlfriend’s stationery needs is definitely VisitingCINDERELLA who crafts the most beautiful wooden notebooks. Yes, wooden notebooks, and not just any wooden notebooks, actually custom ones!

This DC Comics wooden notebook is beautiful on its own, but you can also engrave HER name



Still need more ideas and inspiration?

Why don’t you check some Etsy Editor‘s picks?

Here’s our top two:



  1. I think I will appreciate any of these gifts, so, yes, it is official, I am a geek! 😀 Just been eyeing some Harry Potter stuff yesterday and was contemplating on getting a shirt or a wand. Not for my husband, though, but for my brother who is the biggest HP geek!
    jared’s mum recently posted…#GoSwift this yuletide season with Acer Swift 7 + New BalanceMy Profile

  2. I liked both the clocks very much. Such a cool idea in fact.
    I wonder why you didn’t make 2 posts out of this.Happy new year!

  3. Those key rings are geek-y beautiful! (If there’s such a word) I would like to have a pokemon though for him and MYSELF. Haha! Thanks for this!

  4. I am sold on the dragon bangles and superman notebook! Yes, I am a geek too! It is adorbs!

  5. My husband would absolutely love that bat cave key charm. Actually I’d love one too haha! We should definitely buy matchy ones then, right? 😀

  6. I’ve got lots of geeky friends so this list is great for me. (And also to find some things I’d like to buy myself haha). The mother of dragons shirt is really awesome. I already have a sweater saying ‘I’m not a princess, I’m a Khaleesi. I can always make my boyfriend happy with some older games. He definitely loves Ps1 games or Sega games. I love the stationery. I always use a notebook for notes about my blog!
    Carola recently posted…Quote conversation challengeMy Profile

  7. Omg, I got to tell the husband about this so he will have gift ideas for me on Christmas! Lol. I especially like the dragons bangles or that Mother of Dragons shirt. Big fan of GOT right here!

  8. This is such a help and I like how you came up with this idea. I often struggled when Christmas is about to arrive since I run out of idea on which I gift i should prepare. Thank you so much for sharing about this one!

  9. I love the wooden notebook! so artsy! Plus points for the super hero themed stuff. My boyfriend introduced me to Marvel and DC so I am also quite liking merchandises that is associated with Marvel and DC. If I would to pick something for my boyfriend here, I would probably choose the shot glass. It looks cool and awesome! 😀

  10. Great gift selections!!!!! I loooove the hanger and and the cassette wall clock!!!! I know my boyfriend will love that too.
    Alyssa tuangco recently posted…Shangrila Welcomes Yellow Cab and Jamba JuiceMy Profile

  11. Perfect timing as I’m looking for a gift for my boyfriend right now! He’s also just started working so I think those Game of Thrones cufflinks would be suitable 🙂
    Laura H recently posted…HOGWARTS IN THE SNOW AT WB TOUR LONDONMy Profile

  12. I love love love nerdy gift lists! So refreshing compared to the usual fashion and make up lists! This really speaks to the nerd within me. I have scene the chemical formula bracelets before and I think I’m going to get one for Christmas! Thanks for the ideas!

  13. These are cool stuffs. Thank God my hubby is not a geeky one, neither I! ‘Coz looking for a gift seemed like a pain.. hahaha! In fairness i love those awesome clocks! They’re so unique. It would fit my son’s room, oh! He is the one geeky! 🙂
    Mommy Queenelizabeth recently posted…Welcoming the Wellness Moms MovementMy Profile

  14. I love your gift suggestions! I want to give my eldest son that key to the bat cave keychain. 🙂 I want the Mother of Dragons shirt for myself. 😉 Still figuring out what my hubby and other kid might like.

  15. Fenrile, it would have been nice if your post is separate. I see why those gifts you picked would appeal to you. But seeing Nya’s choices, she got you beat with better choices. LOL! But kidding aside, this is a great post. I actually enjoyed reading it. By the way, that is cool, the pod racer made from junk. 🙂
    ROBERT LEE recently posted…A Behind the Scene Look and Unraveling the Personal Blog MysteriesMy Profile

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