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Behind The Scenes is a monthly feature that celebrates our blog anniversary and personal anniversary every 5th of the month. You get to know what we have been up to, along with our video games, movies and comic book haul.


Yet another month has passed, and as you might remember from our last Behind The Scenes, October was officially the month we’ve moved into our new house. We’re happy to confirm that everything is (almost) sorted. Well, the hardest part is over, so now only to add up the few details here and there (such as shelves, frames, and whatever our hearts desire). Fenrile can’t wait to hang his awesome posters of The Walking Dead, Deadpool, The Joker, and, of course, Superman & Wonder Woman will be on the wall soon as well! Meanwhile, you can check the ones on the wall already (did you say you wanted pictures? Of course you did, and as you can see, we got a bit into the Christmas spirit as well).

pink-floyd-wall tv-wall chez-marcus-wall

christmas-blossom-tree wall-light

Apart from that, let’s see, we kept following the Rebirth series as usual, with a few new issues such as Catwoman, The Death of Hawkman (a 6 issue story) and Batman Beyond, without forgetting the special edition of Wonder Woman 75th anniversaryNya got home one day after work to have this surprise issue on her desk, that’s how lucky she is.

wonder woman 75th anniversary

We even got ourselves a few special indie issues: Lady Mechanika La Dama de La Muerte and Army of Darkness Xena Warrior Princess (to fit the Halloween mood) and also a curious but quite entertaining Pathfinder Worldscape featuring Red Sonja, John Carter and Tarzan among others. On top of that, Fenrile was eager to find more Fantasy type of comics (even though we have loads, and barely time to read all we have ha-ha) so he also decided to give a go to Birthright and Red Sonja Vulture’s Circle. You might get a review out of those two soon enough, that is, once he catches up with all the reading he has to do from the pile of comics we have.

pathfinder worldscape



Let’s talk about TV and movies

Fenrile has finally received his precious collection of blu-rays and DVDs. It’s all a mess now since we don’t know where to store them, specially because he’s so keen on having them displayed – but a solution is coming, so stay tuned. Now beside this, we didn’t really have much time to watch new movies or start new TV Shows (insert sad face here). Fenrile is super late on the DC TV Universe that has already started this month and even on the new season of The Walking Dead (even though he got spoiled already). Instead, we’ve watched an early Christmas movie to satisfy Nya’s Christmas mood cravings and revive some Fenrile’s childhood memories with Jingle All The WayWe’ve also had a lot of fun watching Let’s Be Cops that we highly recommend to anyone who’s in the mood for some mindless fun.

Funnily enough, the only ‘geeky’ movie we’ve watched, was the animated version of Wonder Woman that came with the book that Nya ordered a while ago. Despite Fenrile’s disappointment to see Diana falling for Steve Rogers (to be fair Superman wasn’t in the story), we both enjoyed it a lot. We’ll probably dedicate some more time to animated DC Comics as we know some of them have really good reputation such as Batman The Animated Series for example.





Let’s talk about video games

Finally World of Final Fantasy has arrived in the mailbox! We are so excited to try it out, but have been so busy lately that we barely unboxed it yet. We were thinking about giving it a try together, but as we will probably build our stats and party differently and because of Fenrile’s shifts, we might end up with two different save slots in the end.

For Halloween we had lots of fun trying out a new horror multiplayer survival game called Dead by Daylight. We might want to give it some more time before writing a review, but we did have fun trying to get the hang of it, even though Nya was always the first one to die (followed by Fenrile).

dead by daylight
Halloween plans, you say?


Fenrile also got access to the Pre-Alpha of Hello, Neighbor! and then ended up purchasing the Alpha version to support the developers. The game has a lot of potential and if you are undecided or simply haven’t heard about it, you can check his First Glance review. And while undecided between either getting Battlefield 1 for PS4 to be immersed in the 4k TV  experience or to get it for the PC and push the graphics to the limit, Fenrile was also curious about getting Titanfall 2. So no wonder Nya was surprised when in the end, he ended up getting Overwatch despite his First Glance Beta review. Blizzard did have his wallet in the end as it managed to change his mind, so you might probably get an updated review some time, and this time a Full one with new rating.

Nya got herself The Secret World which she was curious about, since we were both going to play either that one or Dead by Daylight for our Halloween night – you already know the outcome of that, Dead by Daylight won. But soon enough we will be sharing news and reviews of our first MMORPG together. New purchases for Fenrile also include The Banner Saga bundle. Now the best part, since we finally have internet access now and the office is finished and ready to be used, we got back to our Smite addiction. It has been a long time but we still rock (and Nya still saves Fenrile’s ass every time).

gamer joke
Just a joke, of course. She was the one who convinced him first actually 😉




Let’s talk about Geek Gear and Toys

Let’s say that for this month, we mostly stuck to home gear and toys, from drills to kitchens sets, we got our hands dirty to make this new house feel like home – and it does. It’s for both of us a first and unique experience, which besides the stress of moving and the lack of time, has been actually really positive. Also, Nya rekindled her passion for Kawaii things (don’t worry, this blog won’t suddenly become an Otaku one any time soon, even though Fenrile suspects she might start having ideas of writing about Kawaii fashion*) and got herself an actual Kawaii box (what?). No, seriously, okay, it was so cute! And despite Fenrile’s reluctance, he was as excited and impatient to open it. “When are you going to open your Kawaii box?” So thanks to that, Fenrile is also tempted to try yet another one of those geeky boxes subscriptions, but that’s something you will find out, maybe for the next Behind the Scenes!

kawaii box

kawaii box

kawaii box

kawaii box gum
We know at least one of us enjoyed the kawaii gum


Overall, we’ll be renewing the subscription for this super cute box and can’t recommend it enough, so go ahead and check it too, if you want to.

And that’s it for October. Now it’s time for our Silvers to let us know how October has been treating them. We’ll be waiting to know in the comments.


* Nya has confirmed this will never happen.





  1. Awww, your place looks really nice. Congratulations! Plus, for sorting out the things too. Haha. I’m also happy seeing a couple sharing the same interests and doing things together. Your dedication is real. Hehe. Remember to reward yourself with sleep too 🙂

  2. Congrats again on the move! It seems you have a lot of things to do. From watching series, movies and reading comics. I admire you because you’re like metahumans that have powers to do things. Yours are really relationship goals!

  3. You had busy and full month! If i may ask what is the lighting on the fourth image? It’s really cute!
    Alyssa tuangco recently posted…LAVA Cheese Tarts | Proudly PinoyMy Profile

  4. Moving to a new house is not easy. It’ll take about a month (or two) to finally settle down and get acquainted with the new environment.

    By the way, I like the orangish-red backlight of your keyboard, bloody (well almost) red!
    Sonnie recently posted…How To: 3 Basic Things About Retirement PlansMy Profile

  5. I just saw the trailer of the Wonder Woman movie. I think I’d like to watch the animated movie too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it here in your post. Incidentally, my second child will be celebrating a Superman and Justice League birthday in a couple of weeks. 🙂
    Teresa Dumadag recently posted…How I Planned My Son’s Piano Concert Cum 7th Birthday Party (Part 1)My Profile

  6. I’m not really big in movies and games but it’s really nice to see couples who enjoy doing things together! Great partnership, all the best


  7. It seems that it has been a hard work all along. On the other hand, it looks like you have been enjoying what you are doing and I think that’s what matters the most. I superbly love all the decorations. They look really cool. Looking forward to your next post. 🙂

  8. Sounds like a great but full month for you! Do you ever still take a rest? haha! I am interested in the kawaii box!!
    Chessica Mirasol recently posted…BEAUTYMNL Haul: What’s Hot, What’s NotMy Profile

  9. Sounds like a great month! I love the kawaii box. I’ve seen it online a few times. But never ordered it (yet). Loved to see it here. I always like to read about it. Nice that you have so many posters. Hopefully next month we can see them on the wall. I bought a poster this weekend too. A prayer of the movie House of 1000 corpses.
    Carola recently posted…Day 1 Weekend of HellMy Profile

  10. My first thought was- do you guys ever sleep? You have gotten a lot of things done with your move and all of your movies, games and all. This seems to be a go-to blog when it comes to games and such! 🙂
    Jenny recently posted…33 Life Lessons From Gary VaynerchuckMy Profile

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