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Behind The Scenes is a monthly feature that celebrates our blog anniversary and personal anniversary every 5th of the month. You get to know what we have been up to, along with our video games, movies and comic book haul.

It’s true, we know we’re a few days late for this post. In fact, not only for this but for many others which are currently in draft stage. But we do have a valid excuse: We’ve been moving, we’ve had super busy days, and to make it all worse, we don’t have broadband in the new house yet, so trying to blog using mobile data is a bit of a struggle.

So let’s say this was yet another busy but exciting month! We’re both extremely happy with the brand new flat, and little by little, we are trying to transform it in our own geek haven.

moving day

new house new life

Looking back, we’ve actually done quite a lot, and we couldn’t be happier and more comfortable in our new house (of course it will all get better when finally broadband is setup but oh well…)

Also, do you remember how last time we’ve mentioned we’ve bought some blank acid free comic boxes? Fenrile already started working on one of them and is very keen on continuing. Take a look and see how cool it looks.

green arrow dc comics box


So because we have been this busy (and because mobile internet sucks) we didn’t really have time to engage in our usual geeky activities, such as purchasing new video games or watching many new TV shows (we’re still trying to keep updated to the ones we’ve started before) . Most of our purchases have been home related – even though it did include some geeky stuff, which is the case of those super awesome pillow covers that we’ve used in our bed / sofa for the office, and some super cute mugs, because Nya just can’t help herself.

comics final fantasy geeky stuff

We continued our Rebirth series of comics, and meanwhile Fenrile has started some new series as well, but we’ll give you a better comics overview next month!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our short & late update!

Enjoy the cold months, Silvers.

Until then.




  1. That toilet is just amazing! xD I want it at home too! And that Groot ♥ Lovely post ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    * Le blog de la Licorne *
    * G I V E A W A Y *

  2. Congrats on the new home, It’s always fun decorating when you first move into a new home. Great decorations. Love the comic boxes

  3. Congratulations on moving. The house looks awesome. I always love moving. I like new surroundings and new beginnings. The comic boxes look great. I love those! You did some great purchases as well. The mugs and pillows are awesome. And hopefully now you’ll have more time for series, video games and comics.
    Carola recently posted…Special “ITS” on The Walking Dead’s season 7 premiereMy Profile

  4. Congrats in your new place. The kitchen is so nice,love the color all white. I wish someday we can build a new house also. Fist time saw a toilet like yours and its so cool

  5. berlin domingo

    Everything just spells fun and love. Congratulations on your new place and seriously, I would want to see more of what’s inside. You really know how to decorate a place and how I wish I have that talent. Even the first geeky plant is awesome!

  6. Teresa Dumadag

    Congratulations! I like your white kitchen. 🙂 It’s just challenging to keep a white kitchen neat and clean.

    I like the bed also. I want to have one like that for my boys so they can put their things inside the drawers. #3 http://www.handsonparentwhileearning.com/a-simple-star-wars-themed-birthday-celebration-for-my-little-boy/

  7. I love the toilet, the TV, and Groot! Omg, Groot is cute! haha. Congrats on the successful move! My husband and I have moved 5 times now and it’s really tiresome! I hope on our next move, we’ll be moving to our own house. Wishful thinking but, who knows, maybe we’ll get there. Your new haven looks nice and clean, guys!

  8. Wow! Happy blog anniversary and personal anniversary! Also, congrats on the move! I’ve experienced moving as well and the first one was somehow unorganized because it was moving with relatives and the place was just so near from my previous place. The second time I moved, I had planned it out before moving my stuff with the truck. I love your desk and chairs! Looks so comfy!

  9. Yay! Congrats for successfully moving in to your new home. It’s always a tiring yet fulfilling thing to do, right? Thinking of the new home’s concept and style…. Where to put what furniture… And a lot more. I can’t help but notice the little plant, Groot! So cute! Don’t worry if you posted your Behind the Scenes for September 2016. There’s no doubt that your September has been very much productive! I guess that’s what happens, too, when you don’t have a decent broadband connection. You get to do a lot of things outside the internet world – such as beautifying your new home! <3

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