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Behind The Scenes is a monthly feature that celebrates our blog anniversary and personal anniversary every 5th of the month. You get to know what we have been up to, along with our video games, movies and comic book haul.

It has only been one month since Fenrile has moved to the UK with Nya. It’s amazing how much we have done since then! Geeky and not-so-geeky stuff.

Let’s start with one of the highlights of the month: The Insomnia 58 Gaming Festival! We had the chance to play many video-games, including retro and indie ones, try Playstation VR  and play the demo of World of Final Fantasy which Nya has reviewed.

insomnia 58 gaming fest

This was also our second time cosplaying, and we took it more seriously – even though Fenrile’s scar needed a bit more work. What can we say? We had a rushed morning. We cosplayed Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII . Many old-school players recognized us and complimented our outfits. It was such an amazing feeling. Of course, the gunblade got most of the attention!

final fantasy 8 necklacesff8 gunbladerinoa squall cosplay

Lately, we haven’t had as much time to post and dedicate to our blogs and social media channels because we’ve gone on holidays to Portugal. The sun makes us lazy and we want to make the most of it before we go back to the UK. Here’s a small taste of our short week of holidays in Nya’s hometown, which included surf, beach, sightseeing, zoo, and of course, reading comics (always).


And speaking of comics, here’s the summary of our monthly purchases. As you can see, we are continuing all the DC Rebirth series we have started, and even started some new ones (don’t judge). Nya has also bought the iconic first volume of Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals.

comics haul

Because comics take lots of space, we got some plain acid free cardboard boxes to store our comics, which Fenrile is convinced he can transform in some art masterpiece. We shall see and wait.

comics acid free box


Let’s talk about TV and movies


TV wise, the highlight of this month was Stranger Things, we binge-watched the whole season in 2 days. We have also finished the first season of iZombie, which actually made Nya start reading the comics.  We have also started watching Star trek the original series.


odeon limitless

We’ve watched so many movies this month that we can barely remember them all. This is because we got ourselves a limited Odeon membership, and now we often go to the cinema more than once per week! We have watched and reviewed Suicide Squad, but you know that already. We’ve also watched not so geeky movies such as Legend of Tarzan, Nerve, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, and Bad Moms.

At home, we’ve also watched The Dark Knight, Star Trek and finally the ultimate cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

the dark knight batman begins



Let’s talk about video games

Guess what, we dediced to play some old gems (Playstation, Nintendo 64) such as Tekken 3, Crash Team Racing, Mario Party.

Apart from that, we’ve also played a lot during the gaming fest, and Fenrile bought No Man’s Sky. Review will come, eventually.

no mans sky game


Let’s talk about Geek Gear and Toys

We haven’t spent much money in geek gear this month (we are surprised), but we did buy a board game of Game of Thrones.

game of thrones tabletop

game of thrones game

And that’s it for August.

How about you, Silvers? How much have you been geeking out this past month of August? Do tell us.




  1. Well, let me label you guys here… so far, one of the REALationship goals I have seen. Anyhow, I would be waiting for the cardboard boxes’ transformation. DIYs are really awesome.

  2. Wow! All in a month! I love this one! that’s a lot of things that you did. and oh! I’ve a friend who is a comic lover, probably he is going to be jealous to see the Miss Fury rebirth. waaaaa.. I should tell him

  3. What a jam packed month! I was so jealous that you were able to head off to Portugal. It has long been on my bucket list but I just couldn’t get there the last time I was in Europe. As they say there is always next time.

  4. Such a full month <3 I loved everything about it, and even though the end of it was so full that it felt rushed and exhausting between the Insomnia, the holidays and the work all together at once, I loved absolutely everything. And I've spent the best holidays in my life. Happy 6th month my love <3
    Fenrile recently posted…Behind The Scenes August 2016My Profile

  5. Wow! You had a fun month! Im not a gamer but I love Final Fantasy. And you look great in your ff costume ? great job. And oh, I cant wait to see Fenrile’s masterpiece ?

  6. I really love Final Fantasy and I am also looking forward to the game Final Fantasy World. Though I don’t have the means yet to get one, but for sure, I’ll be able to play the game too. And wow, you really a nerd, and I am so inspired on how you were able to fit all of these things in a month. I am also a nerd in anime and video games, but with all the conventions happening here and there, I don’t think my introvert personality will let me join every event there is.

  7. Such great collection! It really shows your passion. I love seeing cosplay as they are so fun to watch- i mean you included. You really put much effort.
    Berlin recently posted…MOMO LEARNS/ Wellness to the ultimate levelMy Profile

  8. AWESOME!!! I am not a comics fan but I do read them because my boyfriend has a huge collection (Marvel, though). Oh, he will be so envious of that demo of Final Fantasy. You, two, look lovely, by the way, but, man, that GOT board game is lovelier ? Thanks for sharing your loot and cheers for an Amazing August ❤️

  9. WOW, so much was done in a month! Talk about motivation and perseverance! You guys are doing an amazing job and although I am not really into gaming and comics I highly applaud your work and efforts! Do you love the GOT Game?

  10. Wow! That’s a month well spent. And you look awesome on your outfit during the cosplay! When it comes to cosplays, video games and even superhero movies, I really don’t have much to say about those. lol. It’s because I haven’t had the chance to really watch and experience them. 🙂 But I bet you loved all your purchases!
    Nilyn Matugas recently posted…AUGUST 2016 RecapMy Profile

  11. The way you put it, it doesn’t seem possible to do all together in just a month, isn’t it? BUT, of course you did. 🙂 I was looking at the comics you bought and was surprised by a title, SUPERWOMAN. LOL! It reminded me of a scene from the Supergirl TV series when Kara was saying shouldn’t Supergirl be named as Superwoman because she is a woman. Hahaha.
    ROBERT LEE recently posted…How You Help People by Saving Thresher SharksMy Profile

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