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I didn’t see this one coming, but… Putting together a bunch of superheroes from The Flash and Arrow was a smart idea. Now, it doesn’t only need to be smart to work. Is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow a good fit in the DC TV Universe? Who are those Legends? Let’s take a look at the trailer first, shall we?


Rip Hunter


He is the team leader. He is the one who handpicked the good (and bad) guys. He is the one who sold them the dream of being the Legends of the future. All of this with the only purpose of killing Vandal Savage, to save his family from being Savage-ly killed in the future. In the TV Show the character might sound a bit boring, and I think that those dull moments could be due to the actor too. It’s weird because there are times you feel the character is badly written, but also the actor is not playing his part. While there are those other times where everything seems to be impeccable, with a brilliantly well-written character and an actor who suits the role. Behind the good deeds, Rip Hunter is the type of guy who thinks ONLY about himself. Well, and his family, in a way that he’d give up everything and everyone to save them. I think that this is the only strength of the character’s script.





(Martin Stein & Jefferson Jackson)

firestorm-legends-of-tomorrowFirestorm comes from The Flash. After Jefferson Jackson replaced Ronnie, we didn’t see much Firestorm anymore. This new match helped Martin to remain stable and as Jefferson was ready to embrace his new life and his new responsibilities, they left Central City and The Flash with the purpose of training together. And here they are, in Legends of Tomorrow. The duality with those two might feel cliché, but they still made it sound interesting. The old, experienced scientist gives precious advice to the hot-headed and strong american football player. Martin is actually arrogant and Jefferson is this lost kid who can’t really get used to this new life. Their relationship is well-written. I don’t get bored of watching those two and the actors make it sound as interesting as it needs to be.



The Atom

(Ray Palmer)


Coming from Arrow, Ray Palmer is this “handsome-intelligent-funny-scientist” guy. It was interesting to see him evolve in Arrow, around Felicity, while he was creating his suit. There were some ups and downs with his character, but overall he’s a great one. In the Legends of Tomorrow he’s the other scientific guy of the team with Martin Stein. The way they compete against each other, but even sometimes complete one another in their scientific thoughts keep things interesting. At some point we even learn Ray was Martin’s student but the fact Martin can’t remember and doesn’t even care in the end, is quite funny. Ray can be a little naive and simple, but I think he’s a deep character if you pay attention to him. A bit like Superman (which the actor played in the movie). He lost his wife, and since then , he tries to find a purpose for living. He cares deeply about saving others and to make a difference in the world. The only truly boring moment of this character involved the short relationship going on with Kendra (Hawkgirl). The two didn’t belong to each other, the end of this relationship was obvious, and they didn’t even bring anything to any of the characters’ development.



Hawkgirl & Hawkman

(Kendra Saunders/Chay-Ara & Carter Hall/Khufu)

hawkgirl-hawkman-legends-of-tomorrowThis couple first appeared in The Flash before they flew straight into Rip Hunter’s team. Both are reincarnations from Egyptian royalty – Chay-Ara and Prince Khufu – they were killed by Vandal Savage who hunts them in immortality, reincarnation after reincarnation. Savage being the common enemy of Rip, they have the perfect motive to be part of the team and can bring the necessary tools to kill him. They are both interesting characters and it’s great to learn more about them. They also bring a bit of mysticism to this whole science mix up. As the plot progresses, Hawkman is the one who finds his soulmate back and helps her to “wake up”. As they reincarnate after each death, we can see Hawkgirl being the teacher sometimes. Let’s just hope those two characters don’t get stuck too long in the same loop.



White Canary

(Sarah Lance)

White_Canary_legends-of-tomorrowShe is definitely my favorite character, and the most interesting one. We know her for a long time from Arrow, and after getting her soul back from John Constantine, she finds her purpose in Rip’s team. Despite the fact that her sister stole her identity as the Black Canary and tells her that now she doesn’t need to hide anymore, that she can live in the day and be the “White Canary”, she will always be the Black Canary for me. Specially considering that the White Canary from the comics has absolutely nothing to do with her at all. But she’s a stunning assassin. Lethal. She was trained by the League, she never fails. After getting her soul back, and because of her deadly skills, she tries to keep some light within her, some humanity. Even if her intentions are the best, she struggles with the guilt of her actions. The actress embraces this troubled character with perfection. At some point, Sarah Lance even has a thing with Leonard Sart (Captain Cold). She’s the good one with darkness within while he’s the bad one with lightness somewhere deep inside. They complete each other and are a great match.



Captain Cold & Heat Wave

(Leonard Snart & Mick Rory)


Those two are the only bad guys in the team. Rip has chosen them for their great abilities as thieves, but also because they have nothing to lose. They are both partners and while Captain Cold is the brains, Heat Wave is the muscles. They complete each other and turns things spicier. They are actually both interesting as characters. We learn about their childhood, what turns them into criminals and the fact that criminals is what they always will be. But they are loyal and we get attached to them, same as they get attached to the team with time. Heat Wave even surprises us sometimes with great thoughts and plans, as he’s not just brainless muscles in the end.




DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a good show. Despite the amount of main characters, they all have the time to evolve and develop towards interesting paths. They all have their own flaws and strengths, and they bring all of those to the team. With so many different characters, we sometimes wonder whether the team actually works. But every time the reasons are justified, and we see them most of the time together. When some of them do get separated, it’s not for long. This was something well done by the writers. Unfortunately, the biggest flaw of the show is the pace, and the repetition. We get those episodes that are always similar to each other. They all consist in hunting Savage, and each episode happens to be in a different location. After so many episodes, it does get boring. Specially when they argue that “this is the unique and last chance we have to take down Savage“. Those unique and last chances happen again, and again. We get a few breaks with the Masters of Time who send Chronos after them, giving us also another villain on top of Savage. And in the end of the Season 1 we get to know who is Chronos, and we also get a bigger picture of Savage’s actual plan. This comes along a surprising revelation that makes it all worth it. Still, I think that the characters and the ending isn’t enough to save the show for the biggest part. Despite all of this, I have to admit that it’s great to see different time periods, specially when the Legends go back in time to the 70’s or so. Or when they travel to Star City in the future and we finally meet the Green Arrow with the famous beard, – still no humor as he’s an old grumpy dude – epic moment.

Until then.

Final Verdict:

To me, this is Silver.

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  1. I have not seen but then this is a good intro for me.
    The pics sure look thrilling and promises lot of action.
    Indrani recently posted…Faces of India – 289My Profile

  2. This is seriously one of the hottest tv series that I’ve ever watched! It has only been months since its first season ended, but I cannot wait for its second season to start. If asked who’s my favorite, it will always be White Canary!! Sara Lance is just the bomb even if she was still the Canary and still in Arrow. I just wish we get to see more of her slaying this season!
    Maria recently posted…Featured Artist of the Month IIMy Profile

  3. this is really cool.. if Marvel dominates the big screen.. DC conquers the TV ! I really enjoyed their show especially the Flash and The Arrow and I love how they do crossovers.. I am also happy to see Hawkgirl here… I am a big fan of her ever since I saw her in Justice League animated series.
    Bluedreamer recently posted…Ballet Manila Presents Rebel : EDSA 30 #RebelByBMMy Profile

  4. Hi geeks 🙂 Back checking on you here . The trailer is amazing , even though ( as you know ) still not really my kind of favourites. But nevertheless I like your reviews , you always write in such a thriving way , just by reading your posts I can talk with others about Supergirls and Hawkgirls 😉 pretending to know something about it ! My nephew is mad about all this , so thank you for enlightening me , so his aunty knows what he is talking about !
    Klaudia recently posted…Pot Painting Designs To Die For – Let Yourself Be Enchanted By Nivious ArtsMy Profile

  5. I’ll be honest I’m neither a DC nor a Marvel fan! I only watched a few superhero movies, like Capt America Winter Solider and The Avengers. Not that I don’t like them, I guess, I’m just not that much of a fan. But to me, it’s good to watch them every once in a while. 🙂
    Nilyn Matugas recently posted…The Diverse iOS Monitoring App that Requires No InstallationMy Profile

  6. Although I’m a Marvel fan than a DC fan, I was hooked on the Flash. I watched it recently and finished 2 seasons of it in just three days. Anyway, I was looking for the continuation of Kendra since I like her for Cisco. Little did I know that there is another series. I’ll watch this despite the poor acting from some of the actors.
    Me-An Clemente recently posted…Unexplored Heart-Warming Flavors at Alab RestaurantMy Profile

  7. This is one of my favorite shows together with Arrow and The Flash. It helps pass the time but I still do enjoy the storyline. However, what I just don’t really like about the show is, with how many they are, their battle scenes are just way too “less impressive”. Imagine the green arrow can stun almost a house of ninjas and yet TLOT superheroes are taking too long to kick the asses of the enemies. It sort of gives the vibe that they are weaker than Arrow or The Flash.
    Dominic Barrios recently posted…How To Maximize Wedding Fairs In A DayMy Profile

  8. I am more of a marvel fan rather than DC, to be honest. Although I do know hawkgirl, that’s about it when it comes to my knowledge on the DC universe. Basing on the comments though, I would love to give the single shows like the Arrow a try, but I know that if the actors did not understand their character it results to bad acting. I’ve watched the Last Airbender (Avatar, The Legend of Aang Movie), and the pace and the actors are what really threw me off. Which is a huge disappointment…
    Nicole P recently posted…Ramen Metro: The best place to get your Authentic Japanese FareMy Profile

  9. That trailer is so cool! Although I’m not really a fan of DC, I prefer Marvel.. But this one is a competition. The characters looked new to me, It’s the first time I saw them. But in a way they look really cool!
    Freelancer Rene recently posted…My Lazada shopping experienceMy Profile

  10. I have watched the Flash and Supergirl several times. The Arrow twice (but only up to Season 3). Anyway… Legends of Tomorrow… painful. As much as I want to watch and I will watch season 2, I could not appreciate it because of one thing… BAD ACTING and/or using the WRONG actors. I agree with you regarding Rip. I don’t find the actors have brought to life Captain Cold and Heat Wave. The actor playing Hawkman is awful too. The same can be said of Hawkgirl. I like the old guy, I find the young Firestorm not that good. Atom? Uggghhh.

    The only saving grace? Ahhh… Sarah Lance/White Canary. THE ONLY ONE.

  11. I have yet to watch the show and I am still excited to watch this. But time wouldn’t allow me to watch it all. With your review, I think I am now eager to push aside some things and finally sit and relax with this on the tv.
    Jerwel De Perio recently posted…Loving a Mood SwingerMy Profile

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