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And none of them is for it being the ‘closest to Marvel DC has gotten‘.

Let’s see, if you ask me about comics, I cannot chose between Marvel and DC, simply because I’ve only started getting truly into comics now, and all I’ve read so far was DC / Vertigo. Don’t ask me why, I guess Marvel didn’t get my attention for the time being, but until I open a Marvel comic book, it will be unfair to say I prefer DC comics. Now, for movies, it’s a different story… I’ve watched several Marvel movies, and I cannot say any of them had a great impact on me, even if I admit I do like some of their characters, such as Deadpool and Daredevil. This was way before I’ve become a DC fan so you can’t say I’m biased.

I guess it’s too much to ask to stop comparing Marvel and DC.

But if achieving Marvel style is considered for many the “next step”, the “ultimate goal” for DC, then you can see why am I concerned. Please, DC, just keep being DC.

Did Suicide Squad try too hard?  Why should you watch it?


1 – An introduction that should please the mainstream audience


“Writer-director David Ayer (End of Watch) skillfully sets up the film, introducing each of the crazies with caffeinated comic-book energy.” – Entertainment Weekly


While I have to admit that the introduction looked a bit like some sort of live encyclopaedia, I liked it how they’ve managed to make it considerably short and sweet (considering the amount of characters and information), and straight to the point. I wasn’t bored at any point, and believe me, I get bored easily. These anti-heroes are in fact, ‘the worst heroes ever’. What do all of these particular characters have in common? The movie barely started, and I already can’t wait to see all of them together! Foreshadowing? Check. Pacing issues? Didn’t see any. Yes, it was quick, the way any exposition scene should be. A bit too much of info-dump? Maybe. Still, it worked. And it even kept me entertained. That’s all it matters.


2 – Easter Eggs that should please the fans


harley quinn jester suit


This movie has succeeded in achieving the perfect balance between being easily understandable by anyone, and still surprising the fans with Easter Eggs. Among the most obvious references (I am skipping the thousands of fan theories), we get to see Harley Quinn’s wooden mallet, the infamous jester suit, John Ostrander’s tribute,  and Flash cameo. If you want to know more about this, websites like IGN have gone deeper into this subject.



3 – You’ll get attached to the bad guys


“But this crew is a riot, and their world is intriguing and even a little meaningful.” – Time Out


suicide squad

Bad guys*.

It was surprising that a movie of this kind had implemented a very characteristic human and dramatic side, instead of relying solely on mindless action and fun. Even more surprising that despite the short introduction, the amount of characters, and the fact that they are supposedly “evil”, it’s still very easy to connect to them. Further time is spent to flesh out characters like El Diablo and Deadshot.

4 – The Enchantress is not that senseless


enchantress suicide squad

Of course, in this Suicide Quad line-up, and in a movie full of bad guys*, there had to be a greater Evil. And there comes… the Enchantress (please read this in her tone of voice, otherwise you’ll spoil the fun). This version of Enchantress is… particular, and it’s responsible for the main conflict.

Now, how cheesy is this Enchantress? 6/10, 7/10? Okay, maybe 8/10. Guys, this movie is based on comics! Of course some stuff will look cheesy on screen. That’s where the CGI comes in, to make everything look a bit cooler and less cheesy. Since Suicide Squad wanted to be more “fun”, it is not going to be as cool as Batman v Superman (there, I said it), and it will be a bit cheesier, even sillier perhaps. That’s the purpose. You asked for it, you got it. Now, stop complaining.



5 – Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn


“Margot Robbie isn’t quite allowed to completely steal this show — but she certainly borrows it from time to time.” – Empire



Do I need to say more? Margot Robbie aced it! She was born for this role. This doesn’t mean Harley Quinn was perfect. But that’s a story for another day. Watching Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is a good enough reason on its own to give Suicide Squad a try.


6 – It’s not perfect, but it’s fun


“‘Suicide Squad’ Lets Bad Guys Shine For Wickedly Good Fun.” – Forbes


No, this movie isn’t perfect. Yes, there are things I wasn’t particularly a fan of.

I didn’t like this version of the Joker – and I don’t think it’s Jared Letto’s fault. This Joker actually cares about Harley Quinn, and that’s saying a lot: The Joker actually cares. That’s not how I see the Joker. And the relationship between Mr J and Harley Quinn is actually quite reciprocal, who would say so? It was just a whole new and different approach to what we are used to. In The Joker’s defense, we can say that many of The Joker scenes were cut. Guess we will just be sitting here and wonder…

*The bad guys aren’t exactly bad guys, specially if you compare this movie version to some versions of the comics they appear on. There’s such emphasis on Deadshot’s personal drama, to the point he even makes Batman look like the bad guy!

The plot is basic, and the ending is as predictable as predictable can get…but then again, this is a Comic Book movie.

Final Verdict:

To me, this is Silver.


  1. I am not sure if I will watch this movie. There is something in it that I do not like or maybe I’m just not into movies like this that is why. But the 6 reasons you mentioned made me think..

  2. I wasn’t as impressed with Suicide Squad as I was with the Avengers movies. It wasn’t bad though. The point of a movie is to be entertained and I was. I think Enchantress was the character I liked the least. The others were alright. I’m looking forward to watching Wonder Woman.
    Louisa recently posted…JOHNSON’S® Research on Baby Sleep Leads to Launch of New AppMy Profile

  3. I had found the trailer of this movie to be impressive. But later when it released here in India I wasn’t too keen to go watch it. Today I stumbled upon your blog and read the details and feels like I must give it a go…

  4. I’ve watched the movie and It was OK. I expected a little bit more, because the trailer looked more excited and adventurous. I love the part of Harley Quinn. She is so funny and crazy like hell. X – https://esseremoda.nl/christmas-look/

  5. OK so my boyfriend is a huge Comics fan! Marvel/DC he bangs on about it all tye time and makes me watch the films against my will but secretly I enjoyed them . I’ve been putting off watching this film but actually reading this, I’m going to watch it! Ree Love30

  6. blair villanueva

    It might be sound I’m a loser but I haven’t watched Suicide Squad yet, because its not my cup of te. But your post makes feel that hint that I should consider watching it. Okay maybe I’ll watch it because of Margot.

  7. Excellent post!!

  8. I was supposed to watch this movie when it got out in the theaters. However, my co-blogger told me that he got bored. Maybe he is just used to action packed movies from Marvel. Well, I don’t watch DC movies as well. I may give this a try in the future, but only because of Enchantress. The other DC movie I’m looking forward to is Wonder Woman.

  9. What a neat post !!! I really admire your way of reviewing movies , this is a perfect ‘preview’ for anybody who is into that stuff . But , sorry , I would need some more reasons than these 6 to get me infected … LOL .. However , I like your style and I can see the effort you are putting into your posts ! Great job !
    Klaudia recently posted…Design Your Own Dream House – How To Make Your Dream Come True !My Profile

  10. I have watched the movie, I didn’t hate it but it was ok. I love the parts where they introduced the characters one by one, giving them their backstories. It was ok when they all got together. I just didn’t like who they rescued at the first mission. It was like, what the hell!

  11. Havent seen this flick but husband would want to. Its just that we cant find the time with all the work and commitments. Hopefully it is still showing and find the time to finally relax and see a movie.

  12. I haven’t seen the movie yet. One of my best friends did and she was really disappointed and didn’t like the movie at all. Then again, whole Internet is obsessed with Harley Quinn. I’ve seen mixed reviews so i’m debating if i should see the movie.
    Dunja recently posted…Exploring The Netherlands | Part 2My Profile

  13. I’ve read people complaining about the movie that they’re kinda disappointed with what transpired. I could definitely say that this is different from what I expected. I’ve not read the comics that much nor have I seen Batman vs Superman. What I loved about the movie was how Margot Robbie portrayed Harley Quinn. It was like RDJ for Iron Man. It’s just perfect. Cara Delavingne did a good job as the Enchantress as well.
    Maria recently posted…The Avenue Plaza HotelMy Profile

  14. I am so looking forward to seeing this movie. My fiance and I are big comic book fans. We even have a Harley Quinn and Joker cake topper ready for our wedding. I’ve heard bad things about it but I can’t really comment on that yet. I think Jared Leto looks good as a Joker and Margot Robbie suits Harley Quinn.
    Nikki recently posted…Product Review | Cool Breeze Aroma DiffuserMy Profile

    • Aww that’s the cutest thing ever! Me and my boyfriend love to see these geeky wedding ideas, for some day our own :p

  15. I’m still contemplating on if I should or shouldn’t watch this one. I haven’t read the book and by the look at the trailer, I was definitely curious about Harley Quinn among others! This movie is now showing here in the PH and my sister couldn’t stop talking about watching this. lol. I still have to think, since I have a toddler, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to see this movie. Their faces could be too scary for him to watch, I’m not sure.
    Nilyn Matugas recently posted…Wednesday Wreview: Kuya J SM San MateoMy Profile

  16. If you liked this movie I would recommend watching the animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham.

    Glad to hear that we get to see Harley’s jester outift. Even if it shows less skin, I prefer the old school look to the hot pants one. Margot Robbie seems perfect for the role. Good casting, which cannot be said for who they picked to play Lex Luthor.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. We love everything Batman, so we will definitely be checking it! I completely agree about the outfit too. And the Suicide Squad cast was good indeed.

  17. Looser it may seems, I think I am the only who, unfortunately, didn’t watch the movie. I heard a lot of rumors about it. Some say it is not ok and some says it is good. I like Harley and the actress who played the role.
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  18. I’m yet to watch the movie! I think this is a fresh break from stories about hero groups. Now we hear from the villains! Margot Robbie is def one of the reasons why people watch. And I love that they showcased subtly some stories that have deeper meaning.
    Sam Coronado (@followyouroad) recently posted…10 Reasons to Visit the QCX MuseumMy Profile

  19. I haven’t watched the movie nor have I seen them on comics. Many moons ago, I was an avid reader, mainly DC and Image. Anyway, I am not so sure if this is my kind of movie but I can certainly understand why the bad guys are easy to identified with. In real life, the ideal law enforcer has hands tied behind their backs. Not that much of a problem now in my country as the new president has unleashed hell on the drug lords and pushers as everyday, tens of people are killed. The movie characters, I suspect, touches on the frustration of humans when it comes to the awefulness of the real world.
    ROBERT LEE recently posted…USANA Essentials Expensive or Cheap?My Profile

  20. I enjoyed the movie but I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t enjoy it as much as BvS. Margot Robbie took the spotlight as we expected as Harley Quinn and Cara Delevingne was surprisingly creepy as Enchantress. I’m just disappointed with all the empathy bullshit, specially Deadshot. And like you said, I don’t like this version of the relationship between Joker and Harley. It should be an abusive relationship and it’s more interesting that way. In the movie there were a few scenes it seemed like that (when he runs away after the car crash) but then other scenes he jumps towards her (when he throws himself into the chemicals or does everything to free her). I also didn’t like that version of the Joker and specially the fact he didn’t bring anything specific to the plot or the characters besides emphasizing the reciprocal relationship with Harley. In my opinion, they didn’t want to go full fan targeted, and wanted to be way more open than BvS. But they used a specific style for the movie and it felt too much. The music, the colors etc. (I love the songs, but all those mixes like a compilation, I didn’t even feel all of them were fitting the scenes). In the end, I’m mostly disappointed, but I think Margot and Cara saved it from a total disaster. I enjoyed the movie because they were acting their roles. But overall, the movie was fun to watch. I just won’t watch it several times in a row like I could for BvS haha
    Fenrile recently posted…Review – 6 reasons to watch Suicide SquadMy Profile

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