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Behind The Scenes is a monthly feature that celebrates our blog anniversary and personal anniversary every 5th of the month. You get to know what we have been up to, along with our video games, movies and comic book haul.

Also known as…the month Fenrile moved in.

The month of July has been busy and full of surprises. Fenrile has arrived for Nya‘s birthday on the 15th and she got spoiled endlessly. The first gifts she had the chance to open included the last issue of  The Legend of Wonder Woman (he bought this one in the UK to add to the pile of gifts already in display) and the very first original issue of Sandman, first print. Well, she had already bought herself the reprint version, impatient as she is, but her thoughtful boyfriend wanted to give her the first print that he had ordered from the US. A must have for any Sandman fan.

Great start, wasn’t it? Even better when Nya found two tickets for MCM Manchester Comic Con in an envelope. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

One of Nya’s favorite gifts was a certain cosplay costume – that we haven’t used yet, so we won’t reveal what it is! The plan was to cosplay these two video game characters for the MCM, but due to the lack of time, and as it was Comic Con, we’ve decided to get cheap premade costumes instead. So, you will see us cosplaying these mystery characters for the Insomnia Gaming Fest.  Soon, very soon. We can’t wait!

FOUR heavy packages were waiting for Nya as well. Each of them had a carefully handwritten note. And guess what was inside? The whole four volumes of the annotated version of the Sandman. Yes, she is pretty obsessed about the Sandman, as you might have concluded by now, you can see pictures of her collection here and here.

Finally, the last gift was the smallest in size but the biggest in meaning. It was Fenrile’s flight ticket. Now that’s something he said he would do. The only ticket he would actually print would be one-way only, no return. Yes Silvers, we are now finally together and that’s not going to change, ever. We are writing this Behind The Scenes for the first time together, living under the very same roof.

Sans titre

During the following days, you know us by now, we have filled our shelves and binders with even more comics. We’ve had happy days, thrilling days, exhaustive days, and even american days! This is what we call the day we have started our afternoon with american lunch in an american diner, then we embarked into the adventure of discovering a new vintage book shop, then we ended up in yet another american diner just for the milkshakes. Now, visiting that vintage book shop was the loveliest experience. We can’t recommend it enough. The owner took such good care of the shop on his own, which gave us an urge to simply stay there and help him. We would never get bored there! He had a whole room dedicated to comics only, many vintage and rare ones; and as if this wasn’t enough, he even invited us to the attic, where he had a whole new room under construction. There was an incredible amount of boxes of comics, we felt we had just entered Geeky Paradise! Since there were so many, we didn’t have a chance to check them all, but we did leave the place with a fair amount of purchases – of course.

During all this time, Fenrile was carrying his GoPro. Enjoy the little video of our little trip to the vintage book shop! This was the first time we have tried some sort of recording, and we even thought we could one day create some vlogs and video content. But you’ll have to wait a bit more for that. It’s on our to-do list, don’t worry.


One of the highlights in July was the MCM Convention, the second convention we attend together!

We’ve spent a very chilled first day, exploring, browsing around, and buying lots of things (obviously).

Sans titre (1)

Fenrile had the chance to get the original 12 issues of Watchmen in perfect state, which included a first issue autographed by Dave Gibbons! Just imagine how happy he was.

Watchmen is to Fenrile what Sandman is to Nya. Click To Tweet

In general, and that’s not going to be news for you, we’ve purchased way too many comics… Not only that, but Nya, apparently the brunette sibling of Lagertha, couldn’t help herself but to get a Viking Drinking Horn! Yes, that’s a thing! We have to admit we have never seen these before and they all looked so beautiful and impeccable. The best thing is that it’s safe to drink from them.  We now need to take a picture of us drinking this while watching Vikings. EPIC.

Sans titre (2)

Sunday was the day we dressed up. Fenrile as Robin and Nya as Supergirl. Even though we got those costumes last minute at a party shop for £30 each, it was for both of us the first time we ever, let’s say, cosplayed. And we were in for the fun in any case! It was pleasantly surprising to get photographed by strangers only because we were wearing costumes. Specially such cheap ones. Not that the money is what matters most; since there are those who craft beautifully handmade ones, and for us, those are the ones with most value. All of this only made us want more to cosplay properly next time! We are very much looking forward to cosplaying for the Insomnia Gaming Fest and all the other conventions we will eventually attend to.

Sans titre (3)


At least now I know I am never going to dye my hair blond! - Nya Click To Tweet


Blogging wise, we’ve started a new feature that will be recurrent every summer. We’ve called it the DC TV Universe Summer Break and each Sunday we will review the DC TV Shows – what has happened so far, and what we can expect for next seasons. If you haven’t read it yet, you can start with the introduction. This will be something mainly written by Fenrile, since he is the TV addict one. And look how hard he is working to deliver you quality content, he even stole Nya’s computer for that!


Finally, here’s a photo summary of (some) our comics that have been acquired during the past month. Of course we are still continuing the DC Rebirth series, and we might start writing reviews for a few of these series soon.

Sans titre (4)

comics mornings
What a lovely way to start the morning…


And we even got graphic novels! The Witcher, Monstress, Mysterious Ways, and the TBP volumes of Justice League New 52. Since you know, Superman and Wonder Woman make out in there.


graphic novels haul

Sans titre (6)


Let’s talk about TV and movies

So first of all, we’ve finally managed to finish the Season 6 of Game of Thrones. All caught up, so you can’t spoil us anymore. Go ahead and try now! We still need to catch up on Vikings and Daredevil, but Nya was also eager to discover Mr Robot, so even though Fenrile had already watched  the first season, he’s re-watching it now.

At the same time we wanted to watch some lighter TV Shows for those days we are too exhausted after work and all we want is to relax our brain. So from time to time we’ve started watching either Lucifer or Orange is the New Black – this one being the one TV Show that Fenrile hasn’t watched but Nya has.

MOVIES! So this month we’ve gone to the cinema twice. We’ve first watched Ghostbusters,  so expect a review from Nya (no pressure from Fenrile at all). Then we went to the special screening of Batman: The Killing Joke. Free popcorn and gold seat, as you can see. And expect a review from Fenrile, since he had already reviewed the graphic novel (no pressure from Nya at all).

batman the killing joke the killing joke gold seat


Let’s talk about video games

Unfortunately, Fenrile doesn’t have his computer at the moment – not that he misses it anyway. He has Nya (and he has Nya’s computer… and her laptop… and her MacBook) . At the same time, there is so much happening: job search, settling,  etc. We haven’t played much but, like everyone else, we are really into Pokemon GO.


And yes, we still play Brawlhalla on Nya’s computer on Ranked. Which is even funnier than playing it far away from each other even though we admit raging a lot when we lose. Thankfully, it’s us VS the world. So we can simply rant about the others. Again, this is a game we really want to review. And it will happen soon!



Let’s talk about Geek Gear and Toys

So what’s up, Pokemon GO trainers? As mentioned above, we’ve joined the madness and are now part of the 99% of the population – geeky or not – that has decided to give a try to this trendy game. What better way to show the love for our team than a geeky tee? We personally LOVE it.

team valor trainer


How about you, Silvers? How much have you been geeking out this past month of July? Do tell us.




  1. I’m a fan of both of you. I love how you guys geek out together. Nya looks particularly cute as Supergirl too! It’s always been my dream to dress up as my favorite comic book characters.
    Sam Coronado (@followyouroad) recently posted…RealTalk: Can You Actually Afford to Travel?My Profile

  2. I wish you luck on your Pokemon hunting! Haha. I wish I knew how to play that, unfortunately, Pikachu’s the only Poke I know of. Yea I know, shame on me. Haha. anyway, Congratulations and happy blog anniversary you guys! You’re a really cute geeky couple!

  3. Happy blogaversary! It’s really nice to find a partner who you share the same interests and passions with! Good luck on your Pokemon hunting too! LOL

    xx, Wandering Ella

  4. Wow it’s awesome that both of you have the same passion, your schedule is fully packed and your enjoying every bit of it, I love the vibe, your customes are nice, and that viking horn awesome. I’m not into costplay but I do makeup for cosplayers sometimes. Happy for both of you, congratulations

  5. Congratulations, although I knew already you were together before I read this post. LOL! July had been hectic but that is the part of the fun. Now, if I may, GO FOR THE FLASH AND SUPERGIRL!!! Really! 🙂
    ROBERT LEE recently posted…Travel and SavingsMy Profile

  6. Happy blogaversary! I have been picking up on your blog and love that you are both documenting the geek life, hehe! I have a very geeky brother who is into tech, comic culture, Star Wars and superheroes, and it’s an amusing thing for me to witness. I love that you are doing this as a couple.!
    Martine recently posted…Blogging + faith: Why I write about my beliefs, not my religionMy Profile

  7. A lot of things to see in this post. Checking out the cosplay video (and your cosplay as superwoman and robin) makes me remember how much I’ve failed my dream to cosplay… Cheers! and goodluck with the Pokemons.
    Mica de Leon recently posted…Event: #LuckyXPenshoppe Rule The City Pre-Holiday CollectionMy Profile

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