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After we learn that there will be a new DC TV Show relating the origins of Barry Allen, the CW decides to introduce the new superhero in Arrow first. Barry Allen made an appearance in two episodes of the Season 2 and the last episode of the season led to a backdoor pilot for the Flash TV Show. Despite my disappointment about Arrow lately, I have to give it some credit as the Flash was born from it.

I was really excited about a Flash series and specially one about Barry Allen’s origins. He is my second favorite superhero after Superman. The way they brought him to the series was smart. Barry Allen has just discovered his powers after we have seen him with Arrow for the first time. Then he would learn how to deal with those powers during the first episodes of his own series. Arrow would even make a cameo appearance, being like a mentor to him. In fact, we can make many parallelisms between Flash/Arrow and other DC characters. As I said before, Arrow is dark as Gotham, and it has a human vigilante like Batman. On the other hand, the Flash is brighter like Metropolis, where there is a superhero like Superman. But at the same time, Arrow is a mentor for the Flash like Batman is for Robin. I was concerned that the TV Show wouldn’t find its way to get its independence from Arrow. But at the some point they did.


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So everything was clever from the beginning. Barry Allen would learn from his fellow scientists friends how to use his powers and how to get better. He would get his epic suit from them too. And Oliver Queen would give him advice about how to be a hero. I liked the way they stuck to the comics’ atmosphere. The Flash is light, bright and he has a sense of humour. They also represented well the Flash who wants to save everyone. The fact that he can run faster than light (even though in the TV Show he trains a long time to get faster) pushes him always further. He can do so much so fast, that he wants to save absolutely everyone and even take care of the person he saved. The atmosphere and the main message from the comics were respected. But something was going wrong after some episodes.

The flash TV

The plot of the Flash revolves around the explosion of a particle accelerator. The shockwave from the explosion has hit the whole city, and has granted abilities to some, according to the situation they were in. Barry Allen was manipulating chemicals during the explosion and as he’s struck by lightening, he gets access to the speed force. Everyone who had gained powers from the explosion is called meta-human. One of them for example is able to control the weather after his plane had been hit in the middle of a storm by the shockwave of the explosion. What happened is that due to this concept, the show started to become repetitive, and rather episodic, just like CSI or NCIS. Each episode the Flash would encounter a different meta-human. Of course they were original material from the comics, and it was great to see some of them on the screen. But the plot was developing slowly.

Until they finally went all in.

We started to know about Reverse-Flash, about Zoom, about Jay Garrick, the first Flash from another earth. Yes, they started to introduce the different Earths and time travel! As we go through episodes and towards Season 2, the Flash gets fast. He can travel through time, throw lightning with his arm and even pass through solid matter. Hell, we even had Gorilla Grodd!


Now, the Flash is totally independent from Arrow. Sometimes we get some cool crossovers, who mostly help Arrow to get better. The Flash really managed to get out of the routine they were trapped in for a few episodes. The characters are well written and the actors are great. The whole DC Universe with villains, heroes and even easter eggs is amazing for the fans, but the show is also easy enough to get into for those who don’t know a lot about DC. Unlike Arrow, the quality of the show itself remains high. We get amazing CGI that blows us away.

The Flash started after Arrow, and it was even Arrow that helped to kickstart it. But now, I think the Flash is really ahead, and I’d even consider it as one of the best DC TV Shows. Definitely the best on The CW so far. We even have perfect cliffhangers after the end of each season, and honestly I don’t understand why they’ve let Arrow fall while the Flash is giving us such great results. Now that the Flash is so important, everything is going to change. At the end of Season 2, something happens that us DC fans know that’s what it leads to the Flashpoint. And that’s the name of the first episode of Season 3 – Flashpoint. This is a big thing. Everything is going to change, and we can only hope that it’s going to affect the other TV Shows from the CW. For better.

Until then.

Final Verdict:

To me, this is Gold.


  1. I’m such a DC geek I can’t even…! I love The Flash and for me is gold. Although I like Arrow, I’m team Flash all the way.

  2. I didn’t think I would be so into the series being a late 30’s mom but I’m hooked. I enjoy watching it with my teen son and I like the way the story flows. I was completely left with my jaw hanging after the season ender. What will happen now? Well, I could find out based on the comics but what’s the fun in that?
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  3. I have just started watching this series (also Arrow) and surprisingly I liked it. I said surprisingly, because for some reason, the teaser didn’t impress me. So I thought it’d be another crappy TV show that I wouldn’t be able to finish, but so far I am liking it, but I have a long way to go.

  4. Whoah! I didn’t know that the Flash has a series version now. Glad I came across with this post. I thought that the flash I have been reading lately is a movie to be launched. Anyway, I am not familiar with the Arrow but I am not sure, though… I guess I have seen a video somewhere wherein 3 versions of flash (something like a kid, a teen, and somewhat aged one). I am pretty sure this series is definitely a must watch!
    Zwitsy recently posted…How Traveling Helps You Become Independent?My Profile

  5. I don’t know this series but what I can say is that it sounds very interesting. It’s always so exiting when you’re waiting for a new season or new episode. Sounds like a good story that I might like a lot!
    Sabine recently posted…Orange Red Outfit x WoodWatchMy Profile

  6. Oh I love flash instead of arrow. It is more exciting . I long for their new episode and can’t wait for it 🙂

  7. Flashpoint… I’m very curious what the new season will bring! For me the last season litteraly went a bit too fast sometimes. It was harder to follow. With Earth 2 and everything that happened. And how much I will like it depends on how they handle flashpoint. I’m really hoping to see Patty and Eddie again!

    And as for Arrow: it is ‘easier’ to follow than the Flash (for me). But I’m done with Oliver/Felicity. I want the excitement back from season 2!
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  8. I guess I eventually will watch Flash, after I start with Arrow. I still want to start with Arrow first, for some reason. And despite all ‘warnings’ 🙂
    Great detailed review as always. And great image (biased :P)
    Nya recently posted…Interview with Michael Chatfield – The Free Fleet SeriesMy Profile

  9. I’ve watched Arrow, but I still haven’t watched the Flash yet so I can’t totally agree with what you wrote. Anyway, what you wrote piqued my interest so I guess when I find the time, I’ll watch it. I stopped watching Arrow by the way since it was too dragging for me. I hope Flash will be interesting all throughout.
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  10. I love all the CW tv series and I watch them all. I love Flash but I enjoy watching Arrow equally. I am more excited now that Supergirl will be handled by CW now. That means , more crossovers, and more problems. Just like the first few episodes of the Flash, Supergirl was becoming “episod-ic” and the storyline is too light. I hope CW can turn it to Flash-like or Arrow-ish. But anyway, can’t say one is better than the other. I love all these series and I’d hate it if one of them gets dumped and won’t get another season.

  11. We love watching The Flash! We’re actually excited for the next season to start. Although some twists or developments are questionable, it still gets us hooked. hehe I hope the new season is much better than the first 2.

    • That’s the challenge, isn’t it? How does one season do it better the next season? In the Arrow series, they are running out of ideas. I remember 24, I loved that series. But as the seasons went by, it was becoming evident they couldn’t sustain it anymore for another season after the last, I think it was 6 or 7.

      Back to the Arrow. I like Grant as the Flash so much that in the movie, I kinda felt disappointed after watching the trailer of Justice and saw what I think is an inferior actor playing the Flash.

      So what will they do on season 3? Here’s the thing, if they really want to do it right, then something is changing on the Arrow series. Why? Barry ran back in time at the end of season 2 and changed everything! Have you seen the trailer for the coming season 3 of the Flash? He meets Iris… 🙂 But seriously, I like the cop better for Barry. This is me dwelling on the cheesy love angles.
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  12. From the trailer of the Flashpoint, it sure is going to be an intense season! Kid Flash is going to show up and Barry may be mistaken as a villain. I do hope that everything will work well for Barry. 😀
    Maria recently posted…Wish I May, ShopbackMy Profile

  13. NOt really familiar with the Arrow but I used to remember that my older cousin likes The Flash. He’s a big fan of DC I know that’s why he always watch DC shows.
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  14. My favorite TV SHOW! The FLASH! But as much as I like the show, there are some stuff that I can’t stomach. Take for instance, Cold. How the heck can Cold even beat the FLash if the Flash could run at such high speed that even before Cold could raise his gun, the Flash could have gone home to take a poop and be back in an instant?

    Why would he hand over his powers even after Zoom had released Wally??? At that point, he already has the speed to beat Zoom!

    There is absolutely no way the Arrow could defeat the Flash because before he could even pull out an arrow, the Flash would have stripped him naked!

    Barry Allen comes back from an alternate world with Supergirl and he doesn’t tell his friends about it….

    You know what? I still love the Flash, even if all them superheroes are a bunch of liars. LOL!
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  15. Of course the Flash is ahead of Arrow. He can run much faster! 🙂

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