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I’m a curious guy you know. Sometimes there are things that catch my eye, and I find myself exploring those things. Then there are times I feel disappointed and other times amazed. When I found out about this TV Show, “Banshee“, I liked the sound of the name. So I’ve read the synopsis and checked my overbooked schedule. No, in fact I didn’t, I’ve immediately added another series to the dozen I am currently watching. And wow .. I admit the TV Show is very specific. Special. But to be honest with you Silvers, this is one of the best TV Shows I’ve watched so far (or maybe second, first place goes to Breaking Bad and Mr Robot deserves a close third). The question is: how can such a great show like Banshee be so underrated? Let me tell you more about Cinemax’s TV Show and what makes it so good. In the end, you might understand why this gem have fallen into the abyss of the forgotten series.


I’ll be honest by saying that I was skeptical after the first episode. The style and the art is somehow specific. But it piqued my curiosity enough to keep watching, it was catchy somehow.

Summing it up for you:

A guy walks into a bar. Cop eats steak. Two gangsters come in. Cop plays hero. Cop dies. Guy kill gangsters. Guy becomes cop. – Yep, sounds almost like a joke.

The story follows this dude coming out of jail. He has nothing, no one to pick him up. He grabs a beer and fucks a bartender in the back of the building. Then meets one of his particular former teammates, then gets chased. A bit messy, so far it’s all cliché and you don’t know what is going on. You don’t even know the guy’s name. He arrives in the small town of Banshee to see his love, already married to another. This is when you start wondering whether you are wasting your time or not – should you keep watching this?

Until the bar scene happens. Lucas Hood, the sheriff, is killed. The guy we know nothing about? He now becomes Lucas Hood. This is when the creators of the show finally hook you. And after that, for 4 intense seasons of gore and ultra-violence. Of crimes and gangsters. Of drama and sex. In the end, the whole series is a whole lot of fucked-up fireworks.


The main character you are following is unknown. He’s only called Lucas Hood because of the identity he stole from the sheriff. His past is unveiled through the episodes, either from his former lover or former associate. He meets new people and acts as a sheriff according to his own laws.

The interesting part is to follow Lucas Hood’s evolution from a criminal to a sheriff and where all of this leads him to. As he adventures into his new life based on instinct and impulses. The people around him, friends, enemies, some a bit of both, evolve as well. This TV-Show has the best characters – the way they are written and how they evolve through all the shit they go through. The beauty in it, is that you get attached to them. And then, they die, get killed. But bad or good, it still affects you. And it’s brilliant.

You have a good cop influenced by Hood’s dark side, a nazi on the redemption path, an Amish gangster followed by her niece who wants to be as strong, fearless and intimidating as him. Some crazy-ass extremists indians. Many different characters, and all grey. The good ones turn bad at some points; the evil ones become good suddenly.


In the end, Banshee is not for everyone. It’s from the creators of True Blood, so it targets specific tastes. The town of Banshee is an extreme violent bubble of gore that traps you within. If you can’t stand blood and action, it’s useless to even give this a try, even though the characters are well written and the plot is brilliant. One thing you can be sure: The show never gets boring or repetitive. What is wrong with so many series is that they repeat the same formula all over again, until they get stuck. This one doesn’t.

The last season is different from the others, not only because of the plot but also the style, even though it remains faithful to what it is. It fits, and it gives the series a perfect ending. They couldn’t have done better.

On top of all the violence, I’ve mentioned sex above. It’s a male world. Ladies, be ready for it. Women get laid, a lot. But in my opinion, the TV show isn’t sexist. The difference stands where, yes, women are shown in a certain way: they have sex, get often kicked and manipulated, are physically fragile. But in the end, all of them are strong and independent. All of them have a specific personality that is developed, a purpose, and they couldn’t be better written.

Banshee is fucking crazy. I think it’s underrated because first, it was on Cinemax, and as I have heard they don’t host many good series. It’s also specific and targets a particular audience. I assume because of its specificity, some people didn’t get attached so much after the first minutes/episodes. It is different than the usual. But the way they have managed to come up with this depth in such a violent TV show – amazing.

They made something that feels realistic. But don’t forget that this is fiction. The way everything blows up, if you forget it’s fiction, you will lose it. Otherwise, I highly recommend Banshee. Only 4 seasons with 10 episodes per season (8 for the last one) and each episode is 45/50 minutes. It goes as quick as the pace of the series.

It’s possible to make something ultra violent and full of gore for mature people with deep characters, an interesting plot and never-boring scenes.



Final Verdict:

To me, this is Platinum.

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  1. I am not really a fan of too much Violence in TV Shows because I get nightmares if I watch them. It’s the reason why I try to stay away from them but Banshee seem to have a great storyline based on your post. Maybe I’ll watch it when I’m feeling adventurous?

  2. I watch a ton of gore anime myself so this seems fit for me. Never heard of this series though. I don’t think it’s even available here in the Philippines. But if it’s really that good then it’s worth definitely downloading 🙂
    Lester recently posted…Litrato: Contemplations Under the Starry Night SkyMy Profile

  3. I watched the first season and I have to say it does have its own unique signature. The story line on its own is already intriguing. I guess what did put me off ultimately was too much sex. I couldn’t really watch it with 3 kids in the house so it’s something I’m coming back to soon!
    Louisa recently posted…The 9th Robinsons Supermarket’s Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy RunMy Profile

  4. Well I’m an avid fan of true blood and it was a bewildering as this one could be I assume but it always turned out be a pleasant surprise.
    Personally, this tv series is peculiar to me with your recommendation I might consider checking this one so soon.

    cheers! http://www.masterryo.wordpress.com

  5. I think my husband recommended this show to me one time. He hasn’t seen it yet though but said it resembled some other show and that it looks good. I took one look at the poster and said no thank you. It’s not for me, I guess.
    Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy recently posted…DreamPlay Extends King Julien’s Dance Off CompetitionMy Profile

  6. I know I have said I wouldn’t be interested in watching this TV Show. But it’s easy to have some curiosity after reading this post. I am not only saying this because you are my boyfriend, great job in engaging!
    Nya recently posted…Interview with David Jolly – ‘Mostly Human’ Book ReleaseMy Profile

  7. I love watching different tv series. My favorite one is prison break and himym. I mean I used to stay up untill 5 watching the episodes like crazy m I have never heard of this Banashe tv series before. But now I definitely will.
    Nimi recently posted…We Have Reached 1Million Pageviews !!! Join the Happiness and Giveaway !!!My Profile

  8. Haven’t watched this yet. The only gore shows I have seen are GoT and TWD. However, I’m getting curious in watching this show soon.
    Maria recently posted…The Idea ListMy Profile

  9. Banshee. I will remember this because of the way you described the show. I am not really a fan of gore but violence has its place on cinemas (tv) and for the heck of it, why not?
    ROBERT LEE recently posted…Thank You FriendsMy Profile

  10. Since I moved back in the province where we don’t have cable television at home, I have stopped watching a lot of TV series. Unlike when I was living in Manila where I get to follow my favorite TV shows. I’m more of a reality TV sucker, especially where there is a bit of adventure (Amazing Race, Survivor, etc). Then there’s Game of Thrones. Now that you have piqued my interest about Banshee, I’ll search about it in the internet and see if I can watch an episode or more.

  11. Honestly, I haven’t heard about Banshee until now. And what an interesting title, banshee is an elemental creature right. Anyway, I’d love to check it out because anyone who loves Breaking Bad is worth listening to in my opinion.
    marge recently posted…Music Overdose at Fete de la Musique 2016My Profile

  12. Nice post , really enjoyed reading . But to be honest , I have never heard of Banshee . Maybe it will come to Europe soon . I will be alert and see what it’s like then !
    Klaudia recently posted…Health Benefits Of Turmeric Powder – The Golden Spice Of LifeMy Profile

  13. TV shows are really not my thing. I never watch TV, only Netflix and Youtube basically. And of course the annoying Eurocup (football) haha. I like to watch TV in winter, in summer I just want to be out until late. I am Dutch but living in Sweden, so the Swedish TV is not that interesting to me and Dutch TV is something we don’t have here. I could buy it however, but I don’t need it.
    sabine – so far so sabine recently posted…Midsommar in Gothenburg; VLOG 5My Profile

  14. I must have been living under a rock since I haven’t heard of Banshee until I’ve read your article. Now, I’m so curious that I’m scanning iflix if they have it on their list. They’re not even shown on Cable TV unlike the other shows on your list. Let me find a way to get hold of the first few episodes and satisfy my curiosity.

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