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This review is part of the feature DC TV-U Summer Break 2016. We recommend you to read the introduction first.

FOX’s bold move brought the world of Gotham to the TV. It came to us as a surprise since Arrow had premiered on The CW and we knew the Flash would arrive soon. Still, FOX reveals to us that they’ll also be involved in the DC Universe, and the stories of young James Gordon and little Bruce Wayne will come to our screens. I was skeptical at first (yes, it’s a habit). But I had good reasons, so had the fans. When you retell the past history of iconic figures, such as Batman, his enemies, and his friends, we already know what happened – who lives, who dies. So when Bruce or Alfred receive death threats in the series, we already know they won’t die. The writers would need to pull off incredible things in order to maintain the suspense and tension despite the outcome being known. Did they succeed ? Yes, definitely so far!   

The main character of the show is James Gordon. A young and hot-headed detective who wants to deliver justice and be fair in Gotham, even though his partner and almost everyone else in the city are not. The rules in Gotham are based on corruption, money and power; rules that Detective Gordon refuses to follow. So through the TV show, we learn how he survived and evolved to become the commissioner we know nowadays. This was FOX’s first will. But they’ve decided to focus on the young Bruce Wayne as well. Right after his parents die, we see how he manages to get through the pain. At the same time we have Alfred who struggles raising the boy. He is a Wayne, and despite his young age, he will investigate to know who has murdered his parents. He also wants to become stronger and be able to make a change in Gotham. On top of that, we have the delightful surprise of discovering many and many iconic characters in their younger age.

what gotham character are you

The cast is perfect. James Gordon is excellent, Selina is impeccable, Pinguin and Riddler are both fabulously twisted, Alfred is brilliant. I found Bruce Wayne somehow boring at first, but he started getting much better lately and way more interesting. One that deserves credit is Fish Mooney, a new character who has been specially created for the TV show and who is absolutely astonishing. Jada Koren Pinkett–Smith plays the character so well that she pulls you into her world and leaves you on the edge of your seat. For all of this, I think this character deserves to be brought to the comics. On top of those recurrent/main characters, it’s great to discover new villains from the DC Universe on each episode. In Season 2, we had the chance to see many of these, from Mr. Freeze to Hugo Strange through Firefly, the list is endless. There was only one character that held me back. The Joker, of course. As complicated and mysterious as he is, I wasn’t thrilled about him. But the way they pulled it off in the end was amazing. In the end, the Joker is not a person, but an ideology. Brilliant.

Gotham is one of the best DC TV Shows so far. It’s the only ‘outsider’ since it belongs to FOX and Supergirl has been bought by The CW, but it somehow makes sense to leave it that way. FOX gave the accurate feeling of the city that we all like. It’s dark, corrupted and twisted. There are many different plots, including James Gordon’s personal story, torn between his professional and personal life; then Bruce Wayne with his will to train and become stronger while investigating his parents’ murder and handling the Wayne Enterprise. Not to mention all the backgrounds of criminals and other characters. We have everything, independent stories but connected to each other as well. Despite the amount of content, it doesn’t feel overwhelming. The whole story feels smooth and follows its natural course. We are never bored, and the tension and suspense are kept all along. They’ve managed to tweak some bits from the original comics, but without changing major plot lines. It’s thrilling, well written, and it always make sense.

I’ve heard Season 3 will incorporate important changes. But so far, the quality is increasing episodes after episode, and I can’t wait to see what they are going to bring to this new season.

Until then.

Final Verdict:

To me, this is Gold.

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  1. Hi Fenrile, Hi Nya ))) I’m totally agree with you. Really this cast just perfect and I’m jsut fell in love with James Gordon. He’s just amazing. What changes do you expect in the 3rd season? Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Jason! 🙂 My answer might be disappointing, but to be honest I haven’t followed any TV Shows lately since they started. I’ll get back into all of them starting in March when we’ll be back in France. So I had some expectations about the season 3 regarding some rumors, but as the show is already back since September my expectations are probably not matching what happened. But after March I might do a recap of the DCTV-U. In the meantime we’ve been following a few others from Netflix and Prime like The Man in The High Castle, Stranger Things etc. So maybe before the DCTV-U you gonna have some other TV Shows reviews 🙂
      Fenrile recently posted…Behind The Scenes December 2016My Profile

  2. I haven’t watched this series but my sister does and she is crazy for it. I am definitely gonna watch it. you make it sound damn interesting! thnx for the amazing review!! 🙂

  3. I hardly watch tv. But in the past days that I was caring for my husband in the hospital, I got to watch some tv shows in between catching up on my reading. I just saw the trailer of this show one afternoon. Too bad, I didn’t get to watch an episode of this show.

  4. I second you on this because I am also a fan of the show. I am absolutely fascinated with Fish Mooney though sometimes, I hate her, I just think this is the strongest character in the series. She is quite capable, ruthless, and cunning and I love all that about her. I can’t wait for the 3rd season.
    Marge Gavan recently posted…Travel Bug Series 12 – Brahma C. FozMy Profile

  5. It’s a shame that I mostly don’t get the time to watch this one. Having a dark prequel concept for Batman with a different protagonist perspective has been a wish of mine ever since I found the earlier Batman movies to be too comical for my taste. Your post made me pull a reservation for a couple of hours later for some episodes. Here’s to a good Season 3 finale, and for me to catch up!

  6. To be honest, i haven’t watched it yet. It seems super interesting though, i might start 🙂
    Dunja recently posted…What to do in Belgrade, SerbiaMy Profile

  7. I’m not a huge fan of series like this but it seems interesting. I think I saw this once on Netflix but I don’t remember clicking on it… Hehe. I might consider watching this when I have longer hours to just chill and relax 🙂

  8. This is the first time I heard about this and I am intrigue with it. I’ll look for the schedule of this one soon
    Rowena C recently posted…The Whitney Houston Show 2016: Live in Manila at the PICC, Plenary Hall on August 27My Profile

  9. What can I say, I have never had the chance to finish this one. It unfortunately didn’t get my attention at first, so I never got the chance to know how much it got better after. That’s the thing. Books, TV, movies, they need to grab your attention from the start. But you know already my thoughts about this 🙂
    Nya recently posted…Writing Diaries #6 – When it comes the time to promote your own storyMy Profile

  10. I totally love Gotham!! I’ve seen the first season and a few episodes of season 2. But, believe it or not, I never watched the Batman movies. I just didn’t really feel like watching it. But somehow I started on Gotham. And I totally love it. I think Robin Lord Taylor is a genius. He’s so great at playing Oswald Cobblepot, it’s unbelievable. I think it’s the best DC TV show. I really need to see the rest of the season. I think I’ll watch this weekend :). Ben McKenzie is awesome too in Gotham. I knew him already for Southland.
    Carola recently posted…Meeting Shantel VanSantenMy Profile

  11. I am a crazy watcher of this series on Netflix… being a die hard fan of super hero series, I dig these kind of seasons to the core! You have written about it so nicely man! I mostly started sticking to this for Ben McKenzie 🙂

  12. Heard about it but didn’t got the chance to explore more on it. If I only have more time in my hands then surely, I’ll give time to this. Lately I’ve been hooked to Korean series though.

  13. The way you describe it makes it sounds really interesting even if it’s not my cup of tea. Maybe I should make it my new series to watch..Since I’m about to (finally!) finish the last season of ‘games of thrones’. Anyway thanks for the review I’ll be back for more!

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