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DC TV-U Summer Break is a special feature that goes live every Summer, it includes reviews of all DC TV shows.

Welcome to a new feature that will be renewing every year, but only during summer. Since I am a hardcore fan of DC as you know (and I’ve converted my Nya by the way) I’ve decided to dedicate my summer to review and talk about each one of the DC TV Shows.

This is how it will work: This feature will always start during summer with a short introduction. I will tell you where DC is heading after the last seasons; if our expectations were met; if we were disappointed or not. I will give you my opinion about what was good, and what was bad. Then, I will post individually about each show, in the form of separate reviews corresponding to the most recent season. I will also talk about each series in a general way, whether my opinion has changed (for better, or worse). Finally, there will be a conclusion post. I will be ending the feature with a summary about how it all has been in the DC TV Universe and what we can expect for the next seasons.

Of course, as this is the first time I am writing this feature, it might be a bit different from the next ones. It all starts now. One thing that will be specially different is the fact that I will be reviewing these shows from a more generic perspective, while next time I will be focusing on the most recent season.

All reviews will be posted in a specific order. You must read them in the order they are posted (you must – and don’t worry, I will keep the links in every post to make it easier for you). Because just like DC, where everything is linked together in their universe, it will be just the same for this feature. So are you ready, Silvers, to jump into the DC TV Universe ?

Marvel has been spoiling us on the big screen for some years now. DC, on the other hand, prefers to shine on the small one.  Marvel wise, we’ve had Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. since 2013, then Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Marvel’s Daredevil last year. Marvel’s Agent Carter has been cancelled. Some might be in the producing stage and coming out soon, but none of them are connected to each other that much. We can all agree on one thing: DC can be late in the cinema, but Marvel is the late one in our living rooms.

Let’s see. The CW ? The American broadcast television network that gave us Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Vampire Diaries? They have actually tried the DC Universe at first with Smallville. Remember ? So from 7th Heaven to Supernatural, add to that many romance TV shows. We can say that they target every type of audience, including young adults and even teenagers. But for us, comic book fans, the CW is now the home of the DC Universe. It all started in October 2012 when the first episode of Arrow went live. Months later, we learned that The Flash would appear in a few episodes of Arrow. Better yet, it would introduce him to a whole new series based on his story! So far, we’ve had Arrow and the Flash evolving on the CW. But at the same time, we also deserved Gotham from the Fox. And Constantine, from NBC. After three major characters and before the pre- Batman whole world of Gotham is in place, it’s not over. Last year CBS gave us Supergirl ! And most recently, the CW has used important characters from Arrow and The Flash to release a brand new TV show: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

From 2012 until now, it has been a dream for any DC fans. Some of us might have been extremely disappointed to see Constantine being cancelled by NBC after only one season. But only a few weeks ago, we got news that Supergirl has been bought by the CW and – big surprise – that Superman has been cast for the show ! It’s nice to have four different DC’s stories on the same broadcast channel. Plus the story of Gotham with young detective James Gordon seems to flourish on Fox. But is each of these individual shows that good so far ? Let’s see start with a quick chronological review for them.

Until then.

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  1. I really wish they can bring back Constantine. 🙁 It was a good enough show and he deserved the appearance on Arrow. Apparently he’s in “hell” right now. Lol.

  2. Ok, the only DC show I have watched is Supergirl, does that make me lame? Haha! I enjoyed the Batman films by Chris Nolan, and Henry Cavill as the new Superman. I still need to familiarize myself with the entire DC universe, admittedly I only watched the films, never read comics. Looking forward to watching some of the series that are mentioned here and among the comments. Cheers!

  3. well, i’m a marval fan. i’m sorry! i’m really unfamiliar with DC as well. The few DC characters I’m more familiar with probably are just Joker, Batman and… Superman? I’ve heard of The Flash because of Sheldon in Big Bang Theory, and Suicide Squad has throw in Harley Quinn for me and I’ve read up a little of her history as well. She’s in DC, right? But thanks for putting this project up, it’s going to be a DC crash course for me!

  4. My favorite comic book character by far is Batman. So I would definitely call myself a DC fan. I like the animated TV series a lot but I haven’t seen Gotham because it didn’t get good reviews when it came out. Do you think it’s worth watching?
    Stella the Travelerette recently posted…How to Have A Perfect Day in Bruges MuseumsMy Profile

  5. I’m a DC fan too, thanks to “Superfriends” (Justice League of the 70s-80s) the dominant cartoon when I was a kid. I closely followed Smallville, but lost interest when the season ended. When I chanced upon it, I watch gotham, arrow and flash.
    Sonnie recently posted…How To Hold An Administrative MeetingMy Profile

  6. I only follow Arrow, Flash, Shield, and Legends of Tomorrow now. I used to watch Gotham and Agent Carter but I forgot all about them. For Constantine and Supergirl, I watched both the first episodes, and they were alright, so I didn’t continue. Haha! There was a time when I was following 20+ TV series, so I had to let go of some. Looking forward to reading more of your reviews. 😉
    Bettina Bacani recently posted…Experience Five-Star Beds at B Hotel AlabangMy Profile

  7. I can’t wait to read about all the individual reviews. I’ll be here helping with the graphics of course 😉

  8. I have been watching DC TV Universe and love the crossovers. Although it doesn’t work so well at times, such as when the Flash encountered Supergirl and he doesn’t tell his friends all about it when he returned to his universe? Of course all heroes are excellent at one thing – they are all good liars. LOL! Because I prioritize, I have yet to finish watching Arrow season 3 and I think season 4 has ended?
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  9. I love this! I was actually thinking: well I’m not really a DC fan. But I do watch Arrow, the Flash, Gotham. And I’ve started on Constantine and I will watch Legends of tomorrow. So, I’ll have to face reality: I am a DC fan haha. Gotham is my absolute favourite. I think Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin) is a genius. Great actor. I’ve started to watch COnstantine because I’d meet Matt Ryan at Arc Convention. He’s a great guy by the way! And I just love watching the Flash and Arrow as well! I’ve met the actors who played Patty Spivot and Eddie Thawne recently and also the actress that plays Jesse Wells. They really great. They are all so funny and superkind. I’m looking forward to reading your reviews!!
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