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Behind The Scenes is a monthly feature that celebrates our blog anniversary and personal anniversary every 5th of the month. You get to know what we have been up to, along with our video games, movies and comic book haul. 

With Fenrile planning to move to the UK in the end of July, June hasn’t felt as long as other months. Whether UK is a good destination at the moment or not (*cough* Brexit) is a debate for another day. Now not only Fenrile has the keys to Nya‘s heart, he also has the keys to her house – and an awesome key-ring to match.

nya keys

Meanwhile, Nya has started printing some of our favorite photos, so when Fenrile came back to visit, we both had lots of fun filling in the missing bits of our crafty master piece. Yes, we would like to believe that our scrap-booking skills are getting better and better. But the most important of it all is the meaning. Each piece of paper, fabric, tag, sticker, ticket, has a meaning. This is our story.

scrap booking

After having missed the first issue of DC Rebirth, we had to wait for the second printing. We were anxious and not happy about it, so we have decided to pre-order all issues of the Rebirth series we were interested in. These are: Batman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Detective Comics, Green Lanterns, The Flash, Titans, and Wonder Woman. No, we didn’t forget to mention Superman. We weren’t overly excited with the Superman’s direction in Rebirth, and in fact, Nya hasn’t been overly excited with Wonder Woman’s rebirth plot either. On the other hand, Green Arrow and The Flash are making up for it.

dc rebirth 1 2nd printing

batman dc rebirth green arrow DC rebirth aquaman DC rebirth detective comics DC rebirth   green lanterns DC rebirth the flash DC rebirth wonder woman DC rebirth

So let’s say we have an healthy obsession with DC Comics. So after Crisis On Infinite Earths, we thought would be smart to add Infinite Crisis to the collection too.

infinite crisis DC comics

And speaking of healthy obsessions, Nya kept collecting new issues of The Legend of Wonder Woman and The Sandman.

the legend of wonder woman and sandman

With so many comics and binders, Nya has seen this custom Wonder Woman themed box on Etsy and decided to give it a try. Has been useful so far, at least we can keep all of our last purchases and any other comics that don’t fit in our collections there.

wonder woman comic box

With so many comics to read, no wonder we are taking so long to finish our readalong – first volume of Dark Tower by Stephen King, in case you are wondering. But only two parts left, so we’d like to believe we are getting somewhere. Nya will say it was all Fenrile’s fault, but he’s still learning his ways into the world of real books.

dark tower stephen king



Let’s talk about TV and movies

We are trying very hard to catch up on the TV shows mentioned in our last Behind The Scenes, but it is not easy when our time together is limited. Sadly. We did have a chance to catch up on some Game of Thrones – half of it so far. So don’t spoil us in the comments please!

watching GoT


Let’s talk about video games


So how many games did we get during June? I will give you a hint: Many. It’s Steam Summer Sale’s fault – or so it’s our excuse. The best part is that we got to play some free ones as well. We have been particularly addicted to Brawlhalla, so expect a review soon. And, of course, we still play Smite once in a while.



Fenrile started moving some of his stuff, and to Nya’s delight, this included his PS4. We have tried two new games (Plants vs Zombies and Trials Fusion) , just for the fun of it (I mean, Trials Fusion had unicorns, how can you NOT love unicorns).

gaming couple


Let’s talk about Geek Gear and Toys


Fenrile has been behaving extremely well lately and decided to add only 3 tees to his huge pile of Qwertee tees. He did get Nya some super cute Wonder Woman’s slippers though! She is very thankful for that. But because geeking out is never enough, Nya has also decided to buy a Wonder Woman geeky mysterious box. On the other hand, last month was the last delivery of Super Loot geeky box (balance, it’s all about balance, Silvers).

geeky stuff toys tees

wonder woman mystery geek box


We can’t wait to hear how much all of you have been geeking out during June. Please do tell us in the comments.




  1. OMG! You’re keychains are adorbs! I love that you’re entire collection of comics also has counterparts in toys and collectibles. That must have cost you a fortune. I am always amazed by collectors because they don’t mind whether the item is costly or not.
    theresa recently posted…Review: Dermax Professional UV Active Water-Burst SunscreenMy Profile

  2. I’ve always been a geek..but I’m not really into comics/video games. Though I can definitely relate to healthy obsessions. It’s good to be passionate about things it fun to have someone to share it with. Keep enjoying what you do 🙂

  3. Wow you do really love reading comics and books. I’ve tried buying some comic stuff before but I’m glad I didn’t pursue collecting them. I know how big an investment it would take to start the collection.

    Lastly, really? Games of Thrones? You’re still just halfway? Don’t get attached to any of the characters.
    Dominic Barrios recently posted…What You Need To Know About The Wedding ProjectMy Profile

    • Yes it’s quite a big investment in many senses hehe. But it’s a fun journey. About GoT I hope you know we meant the last season only haha. So we meant halfway the last season, which in my opinion is weaker than previous ones.

  4. i don’t know why i never got into comics and video games much at all even when younger. it seems though like a fun hobby to have, for me it’s just books and music and of coz writing in the blog whenver i have time.

  5. ? that is a neat post but do not my world ! Do you believe that I have never seen a single episode Game of Thrones !? The max I know is Tetris (LOL) , which I used to play at work ? during the breaks of course. But that is kiddy stuff to you , I’m sure about ? Nice listing of amazing games !
    Klaudia recently posted…How To Sell Your House Yourself – Cool Home Staging Ideas To Attract A Buyer For Your HomeMy Profile

    • Of course not, Tetris is a classic, true retro haha. Thanks for commenting 🙂 If I have to be completely honest, I have only started catching up on GoT last year (it’s incredibly easy to binge watch, even for those who are not Fantasy geeks)

  6. Wow! Those comics are really a big wonder. With Game of Thrones, surely, you will be speechless!
    Maria recently posted…The Idea ListMy Profile

  7. This series is really cute! I like how you celebrate it during your monthsary. It’s a perfect way to connect to each other and also the things that you love. I’ve always felt like geeking out together is the most romantic thing.
    Sam Coronado (@followyouroad) recently posted…Overusing my Ahon Trail SocksMy Profile

  8. You actually looked like you really love these things. My friends are into comics too and I always ask them about the latest marvel movies especially when I can’t understand some parts. Maybe I could ask you sometime 🙂

  9. my dad had a huge DC comic collection and were all in mint condition (he’s 70 years old now so I guess the collection was priceless) but sadly when a strong typhoon Ondoy hit the country, for the 1st time my grandparents’ house where all his stuff were kept got flooded waist high! Everything gone and ruined.

  10. They Space Invaders key ring looks cool. Never heard of Brawlhalla until now. Seems to be a fun Smash Bros like game.

  11. What a big collection of comics! And I’m also catching up on Game of Thrones. Up to season 2 now hehe. Also love that glowing keychain!!!

  12. Oooh I love those as well. My x introduce those to me, I am starting my collections as well of wonder woman.
    Rowena C recently posted…Waxing Facts that will make you throw your Razor out!My Profile

  13. The scrapbook you did was cute and sweet. I always look forward to read your #behindthescenes. I am getting hooked at your love team. Haha! lol My love and I enjoyed playing video games too. We just can’t agree with the games we wanted to play sometimes.
    Princess Mikee recently posted…Blushing Beauty by SkinStation Opens at MOA, Pasay CityMy Profile

  14. You guys really love your comics. If you only live in the Philippines, I would have given you all my old comics, bought circa the time Superman died, for example. I used to have some DC and Image comics… back then I loved Spawn. DC… I love Superman and Batman. Oh I remember, when Superman was returning… there is this GL #46, which was expensive simply because it was a part of his return series.
    ROBERT LEE recently posted…Dreams: In Search of TruthMy Profile

  15. I will always be amazed by you. You are so incredible and I never thought I’d meet someone like you. I love every bit of you and I never have enough. I’m never tired of it, or of you. This post is incredible, and beautiful. I love those BehindTheScenes. They are an excellent idea, and to see all those pictures is awesome for me. It’s a piece of our personal life that we share here, our geeky personal life and I love it. For the next Behind The Scenes, I will be with you, living together, and we’ll do the next, and all the others together. My pretty bird. The Love of my life. The Angel of my dreams. I love you.
    Fenrile recently posted…Behind The Scenes June 2016My Profile

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