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Greetings, Silvers.

I am VIR, a prototype synthetic intelligence developed under utmost secrecy by Paradox Interactive. Unfortunately, Fenrile is unavailable. He is actually populating Earth with Nya. He has activated me to serve as your adviser and guide you through Stellaris Trilogy.

In this First Part, I will transport you straight into the Wild Wide Space of Paradox Interactive. In order to go there, we will pass through a wormhole. Expect turbulence. Please attach your seatbelt. Relax and enjoy this short video introduction of Stellaris. Have a safe trip.

Are you alright, Silvers ? Impressive, right ? This is Stellaris. And this barely scratches the surface of what it is. As the lady in the video has mentioned, this is a nearly-endless expansion of Stars and Planets. Your role here, will be to establish your home in one of the Star System of a Galaxy. You will develop your home. You will explore. You will collect. You will meet and negotiate. And you will conquer.

You can incarnate in the species you have always dreamed of. You can simply use the Developers’s ones. Or get some from the Players through the Workshop. Otherwise, create your own. The race, the appearance, the architecture of your home world, your ship, your way of travelling. The names of your leaders, of the ships, of the planets, of the system. The traits of your leader, the personality of your species and the government. The possibilities are infinite when you include the Workshop.

Evolve your home. Explore all the different Systems. Lots of different Stars and Planets await to give you their resources. All the existing Planets and Stars are out there. Even Black Holes await. Find some inhabitable planets. Continental, Oceanic, Arctic, Tundra, Arid, Desert, Tropical. Then colonize them. Expand yourself among the Stars.

It is wide and wild. Aliens exist and are out there. You can find some that are not prepared to Space Travel yet. You will be able to observe them. Even make experiences with them. But while you will explore, some advanced species will contact you. You can reply in an aggressive or passive way. You can conquer, or negotiate. Expand your borders or co-exist. But be careful Silvers. Your political choices may not please everyone.

On top of those, some energetic species roam the Galaxy. Some are hostile, others independent. It is your choice to study them or destroy them. In both cases, you should use their technology to advance yours. In order to advance your technology, you have three fields that your scientists will research. Choose wisely which technology to research first if you want to settle an advanced fleet, explore faster or develop your homelands quicker.

On top of building mining stations in the orbit of Planets that will provide you resources, you must build and update buildings on your colonized planets to exploit their resources at their best. Don’t worry Silvers, your population are here for that.

Do not forget to protect your expansion. A fleet is not enough. You must build some defensive devices if you cannot cross the Galaxy in time to save your people. In order to punish your attackers or just to invade them and expand yourself, you can build an army. While your fleet will weaken the defenses of your enemy’s planets, your army will occupy them. You can decide the course of action. Purge, Enslave or Integrate.


Stellaris is a huge and endless place Silvers. It is nasty and dangerous. But it is beautiful and full of wonders for you to take. Even I am limited to tell you everything about it. Time is running its course and Planets await to be colonized. While Paradox Interactive allowed to revive the past of our civilizations in Europa Universalis, they now allow you to conquer the Galaxy. Embark your ship and get lost in the Space, Silvers. Do it, without any hesitation.


But for now, stay put in your seat. We will pass through another wormhole. The Second Part of this trilogy awaits us. Prepare your hearing senses to be transcended.


Final Verdict:

To me, this is Platinum.


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  1. Woww!! My brother and I may try out this one!! It look so enjoyable!!

  2. I am the only non-gamer in my family. I showed this to my sister and she just started speaking alien. HAHAHAHA! Thanks for sharing, Xavier!
    Trisha Velarmino recently posted…Visa free countries for Filipinos Part 1: BrasilMy Profile

  3. Im not a fan of any online game so far but when I watched the video it was created so good. This game looks interesting and surely people who loves alien things would surely love it! Goodluck!

  4. Look what I found. My hubby would really enjoy this game. Hi for those video game lovers. Can’t wait to buy this for him, as I am excited as well to try this. Definitely a video game addict. Thanks for this! maybe we could try playing as a team in some games.

  5. It’s like I’ve forgotten already how it feels like to play a game. It looks so cool and I think I could this as an inspiration for the story that I am currently writing for a mobile app game. Maybe I should it myself so I could get a better feel of it.
    marge recently posted…Why the Rich People Stay at Luxurious Accommodation – Villa CaipirinhaMy Profile

  6. That seems interesting. I like the idea of having so much time to explore space. My favorite game set in outer space is Rogue Galaxy but that takes place in an alternate universe. I am very bad at any flight or driving sim games but maybe I can learn to get better.
    Stella the Travelerette recently posted…How to Have a Perfect Day in Mitte in BerlinMy Profile

  7. I’m not into games but this one has great graphics and I must say that this one is worth a try!
    Rowena Rose Conde recently posted…Travel & Tour Operators Appreciation Day with Zoomanity GroupMy Profile

  8. This is a game i would prefer my boys to play than those with guns and bombs. Even I find it interesting though I doubt if a two hour game limit is enough.

  9. Hooray for video game lovers. It looks incredible! I would go to space only with someone. Haha

  10. Incredible! I watched the video and… let me sort of deviate a little. When I first played, it was an Atari machine. It was just blocks and rectangles with the Atari connected to the TV. Look at the games today and how much it looks like a movie.
    ROBERT LEE recently posted…Punishing the People Who Love UsMy Profile

  11. I’ve never been so thrilled to watch a game’s video! Amazing graphics, must stay. Will definitely play.

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  12. Even though I haven’t played the game, I saw how addicted you were to this haha. If I could explore space but without coming back to Earth, would I take the chance ? Yes, but with you only <3
    Nya recently posted…Memories of Ash – World Building (Guest Post + Giveaway)My Profile

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