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After expanding their genre of games from RTS to FPS through MOBA and Card Games, Blizzard is now colonizing the Silver Screen. We all know their reputation about this magical touch that they add to their games, not rushing into production, taking their time to perfect them. Are they able to reproduce this feeling with a movie ? We sure have an idea of it according to their incredible cinematic feel of their full motion videos. We could assume that the graphics of the movie would be astonishing at least. But a movie isn’t only about graphics. There is a cast, a script and a plot. For that last bit, it uses the Warcraft I point of reference, when Orcs arrived in Azeroth to visit Humans and they drink beers all together. Warcraft is a vast universe, and even if we had known about this project years ago, it was surely the safest bet for a plot line to use for a movie. So even if the Warcraft universe expanded through comics and books, it all starts with the game. So we can ask ourselves now. As fellow gamers we’ve ALL waited for this for ages. Did Blizzard manage to give us – FINALLY – the best video game adaptation we were all desperate to see one day ? Let’s answer this through this First Glance. Yes, First Glance once again because the director’s cut misses 40 Minutes ! Gosh, 40 ! Can you believe it? So you are going to wait for the Full Review when it will be released on Blue-Ray, just like for BvS ! Until then, this is of course Spoiler Free.

So let’s come back to the plot later as this is the major point. First of all, the graphics are as expected. All of it is beautiful, even better than the game cinematic trailers. We can see Orcs, Draeneis, Humans, Dwarfs and High Elves (fuck, they are gorgeous) brought to real. The landscapes are amazing and wow, when I watched the movie, I just felt like being there on my fictional mount, running for hours through those inaccessible lands. It’s the same as exploring World of Warcraft. So thank you Blizzard for respecting that feeling, it is perfect.

The cast is good. But it’s hard to see Travis Fimmel acting as someone else besides Ragnar (Vikings), specially because of his accent. Overall, cast was well chosen, and everyone did their part accordingly.

What to say about the story then ? Well, it changed a lot, very honestly. I know some fans are not bothered, and mostly because they are fans, they loved the movie. Some changes are small, and make sense for a movie adaptation. Also, telling word by word exactly what happens in the game on the screen, would be boring for the fans (and non fans alike). Unfortunately, and in my opinion, some of these adapted changes were a bit too much, and didn’t benefit the movie version in any aspect. It’s mostly how some are brought up, and an example of this is part of the ending, that I’d rather watch the full version. Problem also, is that the story of Warcraft has evolved from Warcraft I to World of Warcraft. The original story of Warcraft I had already been tweaked from what has been used for the background story of the World of Warcraft game. This basically means that since the in-game background story of World of Warcraft already differs from the first three games, you could say that you have something like two different universes, or two different interpretations of the same one. It doesn’t stop there, because books and comics have also been released. Of course, in the end, it gets a bit confusing. And now, the movie Warcraft, is ANOTHER interpretation. So many of the original details, and sometimes big ones, have been tweaked to their liking.

So what to expect of the movie ?

Honestly, I recommend it. It is actually the best video game adaptation ever brought to the silver screen – for me. Despite the movie adaptation tweaks that bothered me, I hope that some of the messy feeling of it all is partially due to the lack of the 40 minute director’s cut. As fans, you will love the movie. There are so many Easter eggs too. Watching on the silver screen the story of a video game that so many of us have been addicted for months, or even years, and those epic lands we have roamed for hours in front of our PC, is such an amazing feeling. Unfortunately, the movie is mostly targeted for only us fans, and critics seem to agree. I do think that they did attempt to attract a mainstream audience, but the way the events are depicted make it very difficult for non fans to understand. So if you do not know the universe, go watch the movie with someone who does, so he can explain to you all the things they don’t mention in the movie.

Despite all of this, this was a very entertaining Epic Fantasy movie. I can’t wait to see the rest, and I do hope main plot will be kept, while Blizzard will stay faithful to themselves.


Final Verdict:



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  1. I actually loved it! Though I don’t really know the video game, my partner and I enjoyed watching it. I think the cast also did well. The cinematography is not that awesome but it was likable.

  2. My brother recommends this movie but I don’t even know the game. Would this be a good movie to watch for someone who doesn’t lay the game?
    Louisa recently posted…Mega Bloks Spongebob Squarepants Invisible Boatmobile RescueMy Profile

  3. The Warcraft movie looked magnificent on HD–I have seen bits of it while my brother and sister, both self-acclaimed geeks, in our family living room. I also asked a few questions regarding the back story and the dynamic of the races featured in the film, until I gave up and told them to ‘tell me if it was good’. I think having some background to the WOW story will be important, but even without, I was quite impressed with the effects.

  4. Jaear Paguio

    I played the game warcraft in the past as well like any other gamer out there and yes i’m very interested in this movie. I haven’t watch it yet but i’ve seen tons of sites with clear copy of this movie LOL. Will watch it one day. I heard how it doesn’t really follow the story of the game which i wouldn’t be surprised.

  5. I have played the game, but story at this moment don’t follow game. As it says it is beginning, it is story how everything become. In game they mention this, but not so detailed. I don’t like speed of movie. There is no second of relaxation. Move should be made in two parts or should last at least 3 hours covered with backup story. Anyway I am fan of Warcraft and I enjoyed in in movie as in game. Hope next movies will fix mistakes of first part.

  6. Though I’m a girl, I also play Warcraft way back before but I literally don’t know the background story. I know there was but I haven’t got time to know about it. Thanks for sharing your review. Me and my husband would like to watch this.
    Lady Anne Louise Barrun recently posted…Our Barkada Newest Hang-out: Onboard + Gastro Pub & Night of Mystery Game EventMy Profile

  7. Fenrile,

    When I was into playing Diablo I… you could guess how many years ago that was right? I think a year or two maybe, Warcraft was released. So I think I played I and II and then I moved away from games.

    I like good movies and even if I had no idea what Warcraft was, after watching the trailer, this is on my list of MUST watch movies. I know games and movies do not have to be … how do I say that, a progression from one to the other, so instead of remembering game plays a long time ago, I will just sit back and have a grand time watching the movie.
    ROBERT LEE recently posted…Blog Talk on EDUCATION RADIO with Pia MoratoMy Profile

  8. It’s been ages since I’ve played but I’m familiar with Warcraft so yeah I’m looking forward to watching this adaptation. Or more specifically, judge if it did a good job of adapting the game to the silverscreen. Haha. You recommend it so I hope I’ll be able to enjoy it as well. Truthfully the trailer isn’t entirely convincing, and a friend who watched it said it was just okay. Still, better give the benefit of the doubt, right?

  9. Beautifully exposed as always, and I couldn’t agree more with you. I had to ask you so many questions during the movie, because even me, as someone who has played World of Warcraft, but never paid that much attention to the story, felt lost during the movie. So definitely, a bit confusing for those of us who do not know much about the story of the games.
    Nya recently posted…Interview with C.S. Wilde – Author of A Courtroom of AshesMy Profile

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