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Behind The Scenes is a monthly feature that celebrates our blog anniversary and personal anniversary every 5th of the month. You get to know what we have been up to, along with our video games, movies and comic book haul. 

May felt the longest after Nya left France in the beginning of the month. We have both attended a convention together, which was lots of fun, and gave us the opportunity to hang out with story boarders, comic drawers, and two actors of Game Of Thrones! Feel free to check our Instagram for some pics.

Of course that during this time, we didn’t miss the opportunity to add some more geek finds to our shelves. So this is where our Geek May haul starts.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice soundtrack was the first gift Nya had the chance to open, while still in the car. Needless to say, we spent the rest of the trip listening to it, and we expect a review to be done soon. Just please try hard to ignore the dust in the car.

batman v superman dawn of justice OST

batman v superman dawn of justice OST

Nya started two Comic Book series for Fenrile, and he seemed to be enjoying both. These are The coming of the supermen, and Unfollow. Now the hard part will be to keep them going, as we have a few in progress already. Comic Book Lover problems!

the coming of the supermen

unfollow series

And because it was Fenrile’s birthday, he also received an awesome Skyrim tee, the artifact edition of Watchmen, and two TP paperbacks: DC Universe by Alan Moore, and Batman vs Superman greatest battles.

skyrim geeky tee

Nya was also lucky because Fenrile got her the missing issues of Superman Wonder Woman series, and an anthology of Wonder Woman stories (in French, to make her work harder).

superman wonderwoman

wonder woman anthology


Since this was (clearly) not enough, we couldn’t stop ourselves from buying even more stuff while wandering around the city. And yes, Saga is in French, because Nya is improving her French, no joke.

saga vol 1
Nya thought would be a good idea getting Saga Vol 1 in French


watchmen and more
This is what Fenrile ended up with


JHB Injustice dc comics
One of the inkers of Injustice made this sketch for Nya, how awesome is that!


And ah! We have also done a photo-shoot together! It was an amazing experience, specially for Fenrile, who has never done this before, and insisted that he didn’t know how to pose. Well, in the end, we thought the photos turned out to look quite natural, and the chemistry between us is very obvious, isn’t it? We ended up liking the unedited pictures better, so apart from some lighting tweaks, it’s the unedited pictures that we are going to be showing here (and everywhere else). Yes, we embrace our imperfections (even though we consider ourselves to be perfect for each other).


Every single moment we have spent together in France was as intense as it could be. We made the most of it, we knew it would be a 3 week wait this time before we would see each other again. Saying goodbye in the airport was tearful. Yes, we wouldn’t expect that a long distance relationship would be easy, but we also know we are strong enough to go through this. Since the beginning of the month, we have been writing all day long, skyping every night after work, and keeping ourselves busy with many projects to do together, which helps the distance feels a tiny bit more bearable.
We sure miss each other loads, but at least we realize how much we can’t live without each other – and how the time when Fenrile will move is coming closer.

These projects include, but not limited to:

  • Writing a Novel together (some day)

As you may know from Nya Reads, Nya has been trying to write a Fantasy novel. Very few know about her progress and writing journey, except of course, her readers, and Fenrile. He liked so much the idea and concept, that in the end we both came up with this life changing decision: We would be co-authoring this! We feel thrilled and excited, because writing has always been a passion for both. And being part of something so big, together, means a lot to us. We will keep you updated, but we are taking things slow at the moment.

  • Digital gift

We want to offer something to our Silvers who subscribe to our newsletter, showing you how much we appreciate your interest in our posts and ramblings. We were thinking a digital gift – but what? This is why we need your help! What would you like to receive via digital download? Leave suggestions in the comments.

  • Scrapbook

Ok, so this is something that we are actually doing together. We have started this when Fenrile came to the UK in the end of May (after missing each other a lot). We found a few old tickets and things we would like to keep as memories. We thought maybe just store them in a box, but what would be the fun in that? We then decided to start a scrapbook, even though none of us are specially talented with crafts, so let’s just hope for the best.

scrapbooking dc


  • Moving together

Well, not much to say about this, except Fenrile has already started moving some of his stuff. This includes his geeky mugs (that perfectly match mine)! He just wants to let all of you know that he is not going to abandon the blog, or stop making time to share his passions, despite the busy times ahead.

superman wonder woman mugs


The last weekend of May was a very happy one, since it was when Fenrile came visit in the UK. Again, we ended up with a bigger haul, and more geeky finds to add to what we already have. We have also been working really hard to keep our current Comic Book series, and finding missing issues for the ones that haven’t been completed yet. This process has been extremely fun.

flash wallet
In Fenrile’s defense, he did need a wallet


dc comics characters
Our personal DC Character dictionary


Vikings #1 Titan Comics
As fans of the TV Show, we had to give this Comic Book series a try


wonder woman EARTH ONE
After The Legend of Wonder Woman, Nya is really curious about the Earth One take


The funny thing is that we have spent more hours inside a vintage shop rather than any of the comic book shops. We have managed to find missing issues for Wonder Woman the new 52 series, Phantom Stranger, and The Roots of the Swamp Thing. Nya got these really, really old issues of Sandman, which in her opinion, are absolutely worth it.

Geeking out vintage shop

comic book haul
The Secret History of Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey Volume 1, The Killing Joke (which Fenrile already finished reading), Flashpoint (not too long until Fenrile finishes this one), among others, also made it to the haul

Let’s talk about TV and movies

These are the TV Shows that me and Fenrile are both watching:

A review of any of these might come (or not) any time soon. We are reasonably on track (apart from Daredevil). Fenrile is also watching Arrow, Banshee, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (don’t ask us where he finds the time).

In terms of movies we have recently watched, we went to the cinema to watch Warcraft (no surprise here). Fenrile is already preparing a review for this, so stay tuned.

Let’s talk about video games

So Fenrile got Doom. He was pretty excited about it, and bought it without even thinking twice. Gore, violence, a good soundtrack, and lots of shooting. It made him feel as Wolfenstein: New Order, an epic remake. Hollywood should take the example of video games next time they do a remake. While you wait for the full review, enjoy the screenshots.




At the same time, Fenrile got himself the NOVA Edition of Stellaris. He’s a huge fan of Europa Universalis 4, and Stellaris seemed like a good choice since he loves space. So with the NOVA Edition, besides all features, there’s also the soundtrack and the ebook. This means you’ll be entitled to a Trilogy Review. Fenrile will review the Game, the Soundtrack and the Novel, using a new PoV (curious? Guess you will have to wait).

As a Final Fantasy hardcore fan, Nya got herself Final Fantasy X/X-2 which was finally released for Steam, and Borderlands 2 (which she has hopes of playing with Fenrile).

Let’s talk about Geek Gear and Subscription Boxes

So Nya has signed up for two Super Loot Subscription Boxes: the Mystery Geek Box, and the Comic Monthly Box. After two deliveries, she has finally decided to stick to the Comics one (for now).

Inside the Comic Monthly Box, there were issues of a comic book series of Dark Tower by Stephen King, which is ironic, since we are both currently reading the first volume of the novel series. So it was a good time to get the first issue and start these series, but she will wait to see if there’s any more issues coming in the next boxes. Apart from that, the Comic Monthly Boxes had an interesting mixture of vintage and current comics, with a different feel on each page and issue.

dark tower stephen king comics

superloot comic box 1

superloot comic box bw

superloot comic box


Just because she decided to stick to the Comic Monthly Subscription, doesn’t mean the Geek Boxes weren’t interesting.  As you can see in the pictures below, there’s a monthly theme, and the toys and gear revolve around the topic of each month.

superloot geek box


superloot geek box 1
superloot geek box 2 contents

superloot geek box 2

Aw, so wasn’t this a long geeky post! We sincerely hope you enjoyed to know more of what goes behind the scenes, and remember, any suggestions are welcome. So feel free to leave your suggestions and comments in that shiny little box below.



  1. You ar such a cute couple with the same hobbies. As I can see you love each other so much… Will wait for your reviews 🙂
    Rowena C recently posted…SAGADA ECHO VALLEY TOUR (DAY 1)My Profile

  2. Lovely couple! It is refreshing to see a behind thr scenes post really provides an inner look as to what you guys have been up to. Looking forward to your comic reviews and more behind the scenes post.

  3. Beautiful couple! It was nice to be with someone you shared your interest with. By the way, I am a movie person more than reading a comic or novel but I love seeing all your collection. Best of luck.

  4. This is interesting because I previously commented on Nya’s blog! Haha. Your love for graphic novels is amazing. I didn’t have access to them growing up, so I’m more of a book person. But their storytelling lasts generations.

  5. Two lovely couple, that’s what i see here. perfect match. it’s a great thing to know couples who both love video games and comic books. my boyfriend and i share the same love for music. i like singing, he plays the drums. 🙂 you were lucky to meet Bronn! right? bronn. hahaha
    Aika Loraine recently posted…Lasting Impression: The Home of Craft Supplies in the MetroMy Profile

    • Thank you ! We do believe we are a perfect match too ! Haha, this is so amazing indeed to share your passions with your beloved one and we both have exactly all the same passions and it’s amazing. It’s cool for you and your boyfriend that you both share music and play together. Do you have a band then ?
      Yes, Jerome Flynn (Bronn) is an amazing guy. So kind, it was so nice to meet him ! We also had special times with Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’ghar), William Simpson (Storyboarder of GoT) and Julien Hugonnard-Bert (he’s known to have inked Injustice and Star Wars, comics). They are all amazing, each of them. So nice and fun people. Simple moments with fabulous guys and it was great to learn a lot from them !
      Fenrile recently posted…Welcome to Wild Wide Space – Stellaris Trilogy Part I ReviewMy Profile

  6. I just went to Toycon two days ago and I guess you guys would love that event.. it’s all about comic books, video games and other geeky stuffs…
    You both look great to each other and it is really nice to see couple sharing the same passion and interest!
    bluedreamer27 recently posted…A Dream To Become A MusicianMy Profile

  7. I can sense the exciting life you have.I think it’s really great that you spend time together doing what you love.I hope you continue doing so.

  8. Some people are just made for each other, how lucky if then these guys find each other as well ! What a perfect match you are , I am sure your relationship will never experience boring times ! To have a good laugh together and share hobbies is so important ! Save me from commenting on Spiderman & Co , hahaha … are they related to E.T, or so ? ( kidding , I know nothing about videogames and all that , but I can tell when people are happy together!)
    Klaudia recently posted…I Am Nominated For The 2016 Bupa Blog AwardsMy Profile

    • Aww Thank you so much. Your comment truly touched me 🙂 We often say we are made for each other, and we truly feel it’s true.

  9. I’m not a total geek but I do watch GoT, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and other series as well. Haven’t read a single comic book except the ones you see in newspapers. But I have to say those comics are really well taken care of. 🙂
    Maria recently posted…Calligraphy 115My Profile

  10. Awww.. you guys are so adorable together! And I was enjoying your geeky post, up to the part of the subscription boxes.. T_T I wish that the subscription boxer here in our country has more variety, and is not limited to beauty boxes only. I want comics and geek gear too! Better if I could get deadpool or IronMan comics! Speaking of, I’ve noticed that you’re a DC fan? Or are you guys okay with Marvel as well? I’m sorry about the question, but this is my first time to drop by your blog 🙂
    Nicole P recently posted…Celeteque Celebrates 10 Years of Healthy Beautiful Skin with DermoBeautifulMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Nicole! You know, my boyfriend has the same issue in France, he can’t find as much variety as we have here in the UK. We have to admit that we are DC fans, but we do like a few of Marvel characters too. Funnily enough, one of them is Deadpool. We love Deadpool! You should totally get some Deadpool comics. And we are happy to answer any questions, so keep them going haha.

  11. I love superheroes too! Although I never really collected anything except for comics and socks. Hehe. Also so nice to see you happy, sharing the same genuine interests 🙂
    Melissa recently posted…Local Exchange Store opens in UPLBMy Profile

  12. Cutie couple!! My brother and I are avid fan of Marvel movies and comics!! But we prefer watching movies than reading haha!

  13. It’s really nice to spend your life with someone whom you share the same passion. Those mugs are really cute and so are you guys! Keep posting stuff like this, please? 🙂

  14. Great to share this together! I’m not geeky like you (hahahha what a great pop up). I’m not into comics but who cares, this is a great post! Enjoy the hobby together 🙂

  15. This was such a cute post. I love how you do everything together, and I find those two mugs, superman and wonder woman, to show how much you love each other. I think it’s the most “expressive” picture from all this post.
    Joanna recently posted…Why did I chose to go to Varadero?My Profile

  16. Thanks for sharing your story! There is a toy expo this weekend in the Philippines and Hodor is going to spin! If you are around, you should get some passes! Xx
    Trisha Velarmino recently posted…Visa free countries for Filipinos Part 1: BrasilMy Profile

  17. My partner and I haven’t experienced a photoshoot together too! And wow those comics!! I’m honestly not a comic and DC fan though. If I were to buy comics, it would be Marvel. 🙂

    • Haha it’s a bit of the opposite to us 🙂 but there’s a few marvel characters we like

  18. It has been a long time since I bought comics… I used to collect mostly DC and Image comics. Anyway, just like to let you know that the photoshoot of you two are absolutely perfect. And yes, you match each other well!
    ROBERT LEE recently posted…Unity Philippines Spiritual CenterMy Profile

  19. I really love superhero items too! Those superman and wonderwoman mugs are really cute. I am also a fan of Arrow and The Flash TV series!
    Lizelle Cruz recently posted…Waking Up in Vegas Pt 2My Profile

  20. CourtneyLynne

    Omg what a cute and fun post!!!! Comic books are seriously the best!!!

  21. Love your pictures, you guys look so natural and so much fun. I used to be a gamer head back in my (young ) days and I’m totally in to writing a book .. (working on it ) so I can see the younger me in you guys . Keep up the good work
    Denisa recently posted…Taste of AmsterdamMy Profile

  22. I love the comics part too, i used to be obsessed with comics before I come to London, I dont know why I even stopped. And you guys look perfect for each other, love your little shoot. x

  23. You guys make me miss doing scrapbook. Creative and best way to trasure memories.
    Jessica recently posted…Why Buying One Simcard is Better Than Buying Different Local Simcards in EuropeMy Profile

  24. Cute couple! It’s cool that you enjoy each other’s interests – that’s important! (Whether it’s vintage shops or comic book stores!)

  25. Your’re both look natural and had much fun in the unedited photos. I love how you guys plan to write a novel together. That’s one of the best thing to do ever.
    Rose Sahetapy recently posted…Indonesian spicy roast chickenMy Profile

  26. Neha Gunnoo

    Great post! I love your pictures 🙂
    I will start watching Games of Thrones soon.. will definitely want a review about it!

  27. You are an adorable couple! I am not very crafty either, but I love scrapbooking. I hope you will find enjoyment in it too!

  28. I love the photo shoot! Pics came out great. I am not a comic fan but my ex husband was, he had a huge collection of books and products. He still has most of it and has given some to the boys to have, they love a good comic!
    Bernadette Callahan recently posted…BBQ Master Gift PackMy Profile

  29. I’m so in love with the first shirt! It’s great that you have a passion to share with your lover 🙂
    MakeUp Fun recently posted…Must See! 10 of The Best Summer Trends 2016My Profile

  30. I was practically salivating over all the amazing comics you got although Wonder Woman in French is going to be tough to read but great to improve your language skills.. Plus I love the shot on the left of you looking at each other and smiling, I think it is the most natural!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Acai Berry Focus SupplementsMy Profile

  31. I LOVE Games of Thrones so I would definitely want to hear a review about it. I’m curios about your novel too, I hope you’ll manage everything you guys are very busy!

  32. Loved your pictures of photoshoot they look so natural and yes your chemistry is definitely obvious. You guys are made for each other. Just perfect!
    Rashmi&Chalukya recently posted…Mount Rigi – A Day Trip to the Summit of ‘The Queen of the Mountains’!My Profile

  33. Hi, I liked the comics part a lot. To be honest, i’m not a great fan of video games. I have never played any either. But more than reading the comics, I prefer watching the movies. My fav. is spiderman and the very first franchise of superman.

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