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Despite the fact I have some knowledge about comics – characters & backgrounds – I have never completed any collections, apart from some random issues. It is actually pretty hard to keep up a collection when you live in the province of France, and I don’t like compiled volumes. So while I was visiting my beautiful Nya in the UK, I took an afternoon to browse around comic book shops (one of the reasons to make me want to move to Manchester – the biggest one being of course my amazing girlfriend). So while I was checking the latest comic releases, I felt like starting a collection from the beginning without missing any issues and being able to follow the whole thing. Swamp Thing piqued my interest and after a quick browse through the pages, I thought “Why not”, and bought the first two issues. I never really knew anything about this character actually – vaguely knew the name and could automatically picture him as a villain.  Well, turns out, this character is awesome, his arc as well, and I want to read so much more about him ! So I thought I could post a review for each issue individually, hoping you’d enjoy that. Also, consider these as a”newbie outlook”. Just to warn you, there won’t be massive spoilers, but perhaps subtle references. So if you really want to keep a 100% empty mind before reading the series, unfortunately you will have to stay away from this review.



swamp thing 2016
We have Swamp Thing, named for the first time, in line with the speech bubbles.

This series started off  with a smart and catchy first issue. Anyone who doesn’t know Swamp Thing will be able to read, understand, and love it. Len WEIN (writer) and Kelley JONES (illustrator) throw us right away into Louisiana’s Bayou. Short but efficient, our curiosity is instantly caught while we get a bit of an explanation on how it became Swamp Thing. After this small kind of introduction, we have a full page (image on the left) where we have the name Swamp Thing for the first time in capital letters but still in line with the speech bubbles. This awesome picture shows us the powerful and fearless Earth’s Avatar fighting an alligator in the swamp where the title of the issue “The Dead Don’t Sleep” is written also in capitals.

The whole introduction escalates in a way that gives you the feeling of watching an old horror movie, where we can hear the voice-over in our heads shouting the capitals “Swamp Thing – The Dead Don’t Sleep !” That nostalgic feeling from those movies is increased with the epic colors given by Michelle MADSEN (colorist) and the writing style of Rob LEIGH (Letterer). We do feel as if we are in the Bayou with Swamp Thing right at the beginning and his creepy, hoarse voice echoing in our minds.

As the introduction goes on, we learn his abilities through this instinctively natural fight with the alligator. Clever. Now that we have an idea how awesome Swamp Thing is, and how awesome this series might be, we get into the story, smoothly followed by a feature that I won’t spoil. This is when our green hero gets his heroic quest after an heroic act. While we follow his path, we meet his first enemy in an epic moment that has been smoothly incorporated, and which leaves us with a great need to read the following issue.

After this debut, I feel this huge nostalgia from those 80’s horror movies. The colors and the letters accentuate this vibe while the writing is as intense as the illustrations that are shown to us. We spectate magnificent full pages, and all this sweaty and sticky atmosphere of the swamp is mixed with the increasing tension that plays around with our curiosity, giving us this urge to continue the series. Apart from that, everything comes together in the grand finale. So this first issue does offer us a well driven pace while in the end, every piece of the puzzle matches perfectly together.

Final Verdict:

To me, this is Platinum.



  1. That’s a great buy! Glad you like the story and looking forward to your next ‘review’. Addiction is really hard to control, like in books. Hehe.

    • Haha yes I can relate, since I met my amazing girlfriend I’m now addicted to buy loads of books on Kindle ! Thank you for the comment, the review for the 2nd issue is coming soon, as well as many others !
      Fenrile recently posted…Swamp Thing #1 (2016)My Profile

  2. Reminds me when I borrowed a peer’s comic book and got completely hooked with it. I didn’t know where comic book stores were at the time and immediately felt overwhelmed of all the volumes I would need to catch up. In short, my comic book interest was short lived.

    • Haha yes I know the feeling, was the same for me as Comics book shop were kind of rare, specially with the classic format of the issues. English ones were not possible to get where I live, and French ones with the classic format was quite rare actually and when I got some, it was like treasure for me
      Fenrile recently posted…Swamp Thing #1 (2016)My Profile

  3. I am not a comic collector but when a comic comes into my hands I get super excited. I love this type of comics ! My sister lives in Manchester, next time I visit her I will totally check this out!

    • Yes, a bit like books, comics have their own taste when you have them in hand you know. If you want to visit a comic book shop in Manchester, there is Forbidden Planet, where you can have loads of things, old and recent comics but also action figures, posters, goodies etc etc. And at the corner of the street there is “The Traveler” that I recommend completely. They are a bit more indie, not a brand like Forbidden Planet, and they have less products, but they employees are all very kind and welcoming. Forbidden Planet’s people are way too cold.
      Fenrile recently posted…Swamp Thing #1 (2016)My Profile

  4. This is awesome. Reminds me of something you would see out of a movie, like you previously suggested.

    What other comics have you read? The Walking Dead?

    • I haven’t read The Walking Dead, I should ! I have loads of comics like that I should read. At the moment, beside Swamp Thing, I’m also following “The Coming of the Supermen” and “Unfollow”. I’ve also started “Suiciders” recently. They all gonna have their review for each issues, so stay stunes if you wanna know more !
      Fenrile recently posted…Swamp Thing #1 (2016)My Profile

  5. I am not into comic books but I do remember that when I was little I found my father’s french (!!) comic collection. You probably heard about it, Piff and Hercule 🙂 I used to leave reading those magazines and imagine what the dialog was, as I was too young to know French back then.

    • Haha that’s awesome ! I’ve heard Pif and Hercule, but never read it. In french we call those kind of comics “bande dessinées” (BD) and for the “original comics” we call them comics. I’ve never been really into “BD” , only “Tintin” when I was little because I had the whole collection from my mom and uncle, but it’s a Belgian “BD”. If you know French now you can read them back haha
      Fenrile recently posted…Swamp Thing #1 (2016)My Profile

  6. So I watched Batman and superman after reading your previous review and I loved it. I’m definitely going to consider this next.

    • Wow, I’m really happy you loved the movie after reading the review! I hope you will enjoy Swamp Thing then! Let us know what you think

  7. I tried and tried my best to get into comic book collecting as a kid, but it always lost out to sports trading cards; however, with green being my favorite color, I distinctly remember buying a few Swamp Thing comics for that very reason alone. Now, after reading your descriptions, next time I’m home I’m going to have to dig them up and give the another read!

    • I’ve never been into sports trading cards, few Pokémon, mostly Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic as a kid Haha. I get the only reason of buying Swamp Thing because of your favorite color Haha, but I’m really glad I give you the will to give it another read!

  8. Great review. The 80s horror vibe does sound really interesting. This sounds like a must-have for comic book fans.

  9. I am not a huge fan of comics, but Swamp Thing seems so captivating! Love the cover and your explanations! Thanks for sharing such an interesting review!
    Eugenia recently posted…Best way to communicate joy!My Profile

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment ! The covers are pieces of art in my opinion and ones of the best I’ve seen along with those full pages as well.
      Fenrile recently posted…Swamp Thing #1 (2016)My Profile

  10. Never heard of Swamp Thing but when you mention “instinctively natural fight with the alligator” I feel like I should find this comic and read it.
    Thanks for sharing ..

    • Thanks for commenting ! I will review the other issues, that I already read, the thing is that many times you see Swamp Thing fighting an animal of the swamp. This is without any harm, as he is Earth’s Avatar, animals come to challenge him and he show them he is the leader of the “Swamp pack”. It is all about natural instinct and order, which is amazing I think !
      Fenrile recently posted…Swamp Thing #1 (2016)My Profile

  11. To be perfectly honest Im not a big fan of comics well unless you count the Marvel movies but I have never actually picked up a physical comic before! I am glad you have found something you are so passionate about!

    • I’m not a very fan of Marvel movies as they seem to generic for the masses, but I understand they entertain. We all have different passions, thank you for the comment !
      Fenrile recently posted…Swamp Thing #1 (2016)My Profile

  12. I am a big comic fan and Swamp Thing is actually one of the first ones that I read, I hope they adapt it into a movie one day. How did you and your girlfriend meet, I hope you can live your dream and move to Manchester soon!

    • I’d have high expectations if a movie ever came out of it, since I imagine some sort of movie already in my head while reading the issues. But that would be epic! I just think it’s difficult for the tone to fit the DCU on the big screen at the moment. But let’s keep hoping. Me and my girlfriend, we’ve met on a video game actually, sharing one of our biggest hobbies. We connected right away and with time, it was easy to get attached. I have visited her for the first time in Manchester, and now I will keep visiting her as many times as needed until I am able to move. This will be happening soon, and I can’t wait !
      Fenrile recently posted…Swamp Thing #1 (2016)My Profile

  13. Subhadrika Sen

    Comics have never been my things., . .But horror movies sure are. While reading the post, what i loved the most was the personal touch you have given to it instead of just a general narration.

  14. I know someone who will love this 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  15. I’ve never read the comic of Swamp Thing but I did watch the TV serie in 90’s. I used to read comics when I was kid and teenage, but not anymore. Your post is insighful, and the way you introduce Swamp Thing I think is really great.

    • I’ve never heard about this TV serie but I’ll probably have a look out of curiosity then ! Thank you for the comment, if you feel to read it, it’s only 6 issues after all
      Fenrile recently posted…Swamp Thing #1 (2016)My Profile

  16. Francesca

    I’m a massive comic fan!! Haven’t heard of this one until now though but its ine to check out after this review!! http://Www.mylifeinrosetintedglasses.wordpress.com

  17. Comics aren’t really my thing but my cousin is a huge fan! I will recommend this series to him next time I see him 🙂

    Rosie | http://www.rosieromance.com

  18. I must admit that I have no experience with graphic novels or anything of this genre but I know that my husband would love it! In saying this I read your post and acknowledge your passion for the topic, great insight into part of this series!
    Amy Scott recently posted…What I Learned In Three Months Of BloggingMy Profile

    • Thank you! I sure recommend it to your husband if he likes the genre. There’s only 6 issues in this series so it’s quiet fast and intense!

  19. What I like most about your posts is that they feel so personal and that you integrate your reviews as part of your experience:) I remember that weekend! I miss you already.
    Nya recently posted…On Writing by J.A. George – Guest PostMy Profile

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