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First Glance posts are all about first impressions, video games we haven’t had the chance to fully explore yet or other unfinished business.

Among the big ones such as EA, Ubisoft, Rockstar etc, Blizzard had always been the one I trust. In my opinion, comparing to the others, they remained faithful to their roots, and the amount of disappointment was minimal. Their marketing evolved with time but without sacrificing their values. Expansions have always been paid and the price didn’t change, while some additional features became available on the online shop. All of this didn’t have a negative impact on the games. And this is why I’d chose them over EA or Ubisoft for example. Yes, their updates and choices are debatable, like the ones in World of Warcraft, but mostly it’s a matter of taste. We do know that Blizzard takes a long time to develop a game, so much that they are even late for the release date, but with a good reason, knowing that they want to offer a complete and stable first version. On top of that, Blizzard‘s games have their own special touch. Every single one of them are easy to get into, they run smoothly, and they get fairly addictive with time. They have three universes. Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft. They have started to change when they released World of Warcraft (their first MMO and in my opinion the best MMO in the market since no one could achieve what they did) to take the place of the RTS Warcraft. Years later, they have released Hearthstone, a card game from the universe of Warcraft. Later on, they venture into the MOBA field with Heroes of the Storm that mixes characters from their three universes. We may like or dislike those, Blizzard kept their three universes and have played with them all along.

Now, Overwatch is here. A completely different universe, a fourth one. I haven’t tested it until now, since it is free open beta for a few days and I was curious to give it a try. When they first mentioned the game, I had my doubts but I kept my mind open for Blizzard as they really add a magical touch to their games. So I thought something cool could come out from this ambitious and surprising project, an FPS.

So how is it ? Meh .. Let me tell you first, this review is going to be only about how I felt and most importantly, this a First Glance. I’ve downloaded it, logged in, started a Quick Match and played a dozen of matches straight against players with different characters all the time. I won’t go through all the details with all the modes and everything, but this is mainly about the first impression.


Starting with the good points, it is Blizzard, and they didn’t fail at his special touch mentioned above. The graphics are a bit cartoonish, but the game runs smoothly and and it’s easy to get into. You choose a character from four classes: Offensive, Defensive, Tank, Heal, and kill everyone. According to the modes you play, the objectives are indicated to keep you on track. The HUD is very complete, since it display those and even other information. You have different types of attack that you might try when you start the game just to see what you character does, and then you go for it. Games are 6v6 (At least for all the modes I’ve played). So before the match starts, you build your team, with enough offense, defense, tank and heal to have a good combo. You should come up with a good team and involve some strategy. You may feel free to change your character during the match when you die. The game gives you loads of tips, specially when you choose your character, telling you which roles are lacking or are over-used. The gameplay is easy to handle and while you may need some time to get used to the class you want, you have many choices in my opinion.

lucio-screenshot-001What isn’t so good is that, first, the whole menu feels messy, as well as the data of the match after you are finished. Progression, voting, boxes, too much information and most of it seems to be useless actually. Also, you may think that building a team to involve some strategy is cool, but if you don’t play with six mates, then everyone can go with the characters they want and they can even be the same character for multiple players, which doesn’t make sense. So despite the fact that it’s easy to get into this game and that HUD is very clear and straight forward, you end up emptying your magazine and aim to be the fastest to kill if you manage to. Another thing is that in the end I didn’t really feel like focusing on only one character. They are all different, which is great, but you are far from a regular FPS even though there are some automatic weapons. You just don’t have the same feeling. I can’t tell you if characters are well balanced as this is a First Glance post or even if all of them are cool to play with as will depend on each one’s taste I guess. But I believe all of them have something to offer.


Overwatch was a dangerous bet from Blizzard. Even though I had some expectations and hope, I’m not feeling too convinced about the game. It can be fun from time to time, but I don’t see myself spending hours in a row like in Team Fortress or PvZ Garden Warfare which both are super-fun to play. Overwatch has some good points, but I think it has more flaws than pros, so it doesn’t give me the will to really go for it, and the worst one is the price! 40€ for the game is WAY too expensive in my opinion comparing to a TF2 which is Free-to-play. I would probably spend more time and enjoy the game more if it wasn’t so expensive – which honestly feels like Blizzard might start to go down the same road of EA and Ubisoft – but I have the feeling that they might change their mind about the price at some point. Hopefully.


Final Verdict:

To me, this is Bronze.

PC Spec: i7-4770 3.40Ghz – AMD Radeon MSI R9 290X 8G – 16G RAM – W10



  1. Hey! I’ve Beta Tested and downloaded (and played) Overwatch too as soon as a playable version came out and I agree with you that it could use more polishing. I love the character designs though, and as I am a graphic artist, I tend to look at the aesthetics first, then the gameplay. However, poor gameplay takes away the aesthetic part, so that’s a lost-lose.

    • I love the design as well and it’s really attracting. Well done Blizzard there Haha. But we know they have this touch that get you attracted to their games. I asked a few people on player.me and actually since the last patch they really improved from the Beta. One more character and they really tweaked some major issues in the gameplay. It’s still not perfect, but they are on the way. Now I don’t think the price will ever change since Blizzard is not the type to do that. But I hope it continues to get better and be worth £40
      Fenrile recently posted…Review – When does Constantine return (please, do)My Profile

  2. This is the first blogpost on gaming that i have read actually and I can feel the passion in your writing. I had been a part of the gaming industry a few years back and was always surprised with the zeal and passion that the gamers have toward their craft. It is said that playing online games helps people with reflexes and is useful in military training.

    • Thank you very much! Gamers are indeed very passionate and same as the ones working in the gaming industry. Developers, designers, etc, They have to be passionate by video games to give the maximum in their work. And yes, it actually increase reflexes, ability to take fast decision and some type of games cane make you think, read, learn etc
      Fenrile recently posted…Review – When does Constantine return (please, do)My Profile

  3. I’m not a gamer actually. But you seem to be very passionate about this thing. 🙂 My brother is the one who likes to play games in the computer or gadgets a lot. As for me, I’d rather read or write. 🙂

  4. I’m no gamer so I can’t relate, sorry dude. The last device I played as a kid is game and watch, and as a dad playing w/ my son is PSP. The games of my generation is PacMan and Mario Bros. The one I played w/ my son is NBA.
    Sonnie recently posted…Understanding The Training CycleMy Profile

  5. I’m not much of a gamer but my brother sure is! I let him read it as well and he was pretty psyched about it. I can’t repeat what he said because I didn’t understand a word but I can tell you that he and his friends would probably be back for more 🙂

  6. Interesting! I’ve never played a FPS. I only play Japanese RPGs or Legend of Zelda, which some people don’t count as an RPG. So you can probably tell that cartoonish graphics don’t bother me. I think you did a good job reviewing the parts of the games that you were able to play while still being fair.
    Stella the Travelerette recently posted…How to Have a Perfect Day in Prati in RomeMy Profile

    • Japanese RPG are usually the best. I really love Zelda. But it’s been ages I haven’t played. I don’t have any Nintendo console anymore. My best times with Zelda was A Link To The Past. We were playing it all the time at school with friends, all 4 together connected. We were all fighting each other for the chests, pushing us from the bridges or even carry and throw each other. Even killing each other!
      Fenrile recently posted…Review – When does Constantine return (please, do)My Profile

  7. Detailed review and defintely much better than big reviewers online. Hard to trust them actually. 🙂
    Jessica recently posted…Luxury Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia @hyattregencykinabaluMy Profile

  8. WOW! It has been more than a decade… or two since I played a game from Blizzard. Diablo 1 and 2. By the time 3 was released, I was out of gaming focusing on other things. Even if I play, I simply don’t like the graphics at all, and would pass on even seeing gameplay.

    • I remember I played Diablo 2 (Or it was the 1st I don’t remember) in summer camp. Only a few computers had Diablo installed and we were all fighting to play on it Haha. We were a few playing WoW at that time and since it was not installed and missed the game, if we didn’t have access to Diablo, we’d simply go into the armory on the website and compare our characters haha. I really enjoyed the 3 but playing it alone is boring for me
      Fenrile recently posted…Review – When does Constantine return (please, do)My Profile

  9. Not a gamer here but i remember when i was pregnant with my third son, husband and i would go to the nearest computer shop to play yuris revenge and another game i forgot the name. We would build armory and buy guns and vehicles and planes they go to the enemies’ base. It was a fun experience and i am missing it right now.

    • I never heard about Yuris Revenge, but that sounds like cool memories ! It’s always nice to share moments like that with a friend or even better with your beloved one. I think video games are really great for that, you can have lot of fun with other people at video games and thankfully nowadays it becomes less judged and more people enjoy and accept to be brought all together around a video game 🙂
      Fenrile recently posted…Review – When does Constantine return (please, do)My Profile

  10. I am not a gamer but my husband loves video games. Every Sunday evening is his gaming evening with his friends. I will share your post and he will love it!
    Ana recently posted…A Brooklyn’s Best Food Tour with Sunny AndersonMy Profile

  11. Great review! Sometimes you can’t trust the mainstream reviewers to give honest reviews. Hopefully the developers can make some changes to improve the game.

  12. There’s so much to consider with things like this. I don’t game anywhere near as much as I’d like to but I definitely need to make more time to x

  13. I’m not a big gamer but my co-workers are obsessed. I will definitely share this with them. They might just go gaga over your blog!

  14. I played the console demo on the PS4 (though I thought that if I purchased it I’d get it on PC). I too was not overly impressed with this game. I get that it’s Blizzards first FPS and during the development I was kind of excited abut this, initially. The character designs are beautiful and classes are diverse but…honestly? I got bored. That and a few of the characters I feel where a bit off balance…but that’s just me. I can’t complain that their charging for it (hey I get it you need some return after such a long development) but I can complain that I feel like for what I get it’s too much. I feel that it’s lacking content for the price. Though I think DLC is free after purchase, truth is I’ll probably buy the game…eventually…if I don’t borrow my fiance’s copy when the bug gets me.
    CupcakeKvara recently posted…2016 Must see:Koutetsujou no Kabaneri and tropesMy Profile

    • Yes I got bored as well. I would play the actual game only from time to time to “chill”. I understand they should charge it, and I have no problem by Blizzard charging a “complex” and long developed game (More complex than Hearthstone that is a Free-to-play for example). But like you said, I think the price is too expensive for the actual content. I didn’t hear about the DLC. I really hope that all of them are gonna be free then. Otherwise if they charge them as well, it will only feel like EA, Ubi, Activision and I will be even more disappointed.
      I will buy probably buy the game as well, later on with my girlfriend so that we can play together. But we have to many things to play at the moment and I’ll wait for more content to give them 40€.
      I guess you should borrow your fiance’s copy Haha !
      Fenrile recently posted…First Glance – Overwatch, was Blizzard’s confidence and ambition enough to develop an FPS out of a brand new universe?My Profile

  15. Great article, I’m not a big gamer but my boyfriend is. He recently bought uncharted 4 which he is playing just now, will need to let him know about this game too and see if its his type of thing 🙂

  16. I love hearing about the newest game but I agree the price point sometimes does play a factor in how much fun a game is. I like the graphics in this even though I am not a big gamer.
    Alison recently posted…16 Tips for Perfectly Grilled BurgersMy Profile

  17. Hmmmm, you really didn’t sound overly impressed with this one. My hubby loves computer games so your blog will become a definite read when looking for the latest greatest for him. I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to get this one though.

    • Well, it’s a fun game, but in my opinion, 40€ is way too expensive for this kind of FPS and for what it offers.
      We are happy to count you as a fellow Silver! If you’re looking for games reviews, I won’t spoil, but some are coming soon! Feel free to read our other categories as well if you feel interested by them!

  18. Nice work here by the boyfriend. Even me who didn’t have a chance yet of trying this game (and even despite the bronze rating) I am tempted now to give it a try. Quick question : would you keep playing it if they made it free?

    • Thank you my perfect girlfriend. To answer your question, I would play it even with a lower price, like 15 perhaps 20€ max. Despite all the characters, I feel the game still messy and empty, even though it was a beta the game is released soon. Maybe when there will be more content and less messy I would give 40€? But not for the moment. Unless you are willing to play it together even though you don’t like FPS, I’d get it for us <3

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