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Welcome, Silvers. May we call you Silvers? Because we want to call you Silvers. We think it sounds cool. So this post is only here to make you understand the main purpose of this blog and give you a bit of an insight on our very new project. Of course, yes, you can just skip to the good part and start reading our posts.  

What is this blog about then? Short answer: A collection of thoughts, opinions and feelings about a few topics of special interest to us. There will be no pattern. It can be old, it can be new. Only that to us, it should be something that we have experienced recently – such as a movie recently watched, a game recently played.

You can and should send us recommendations for new topics or ask our opinion about stuff, either it’s something you have interest in or even something you have created yourself. Might be that you have just made this really cool indie game and you want your opinion on it? Go ahead and send it our way. We will be thrilled! We can’t promise anything because life is busy and not everything is everyone’s cup of tea, but we can promise we will analyse each request with lots of love and attention.


This is a blog written by two. And only by two. No one is gonna come into our perfect relationship so you gonna have to stick with us.


Even if we’d be watching or playing something together, one of us will write about it. We may not have the same vision, or be moved the same way, but it will be written by the one who really, really needs to have a say about it.  This means, don’t expect to see a duplicate review, even if we may mention the other one in our post. Also, if you want  to know more about us feel free to check our about, which has been done a bit differently than the usual.

As you can see by taking a look at our beautifully tabbed categories, we will talk about Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Music and Comics. We do not want to limit ourselves to the final product and disregard the creator. So we will talk about the artists as well; these can be comic book artists, actors, directors, musicians. We want to give you an honest opinion, but of course, this will be always a personal one based on how something specific makes us feel. In the end, it all depends on our mood and own experiences. Things can make us happy, sad, angry. Essentially, you will be reading about how things make us feel. 

We want to have some features too! Consistent topics with a certain pattern that are still linked to the main categories. Also, we want to interact with you. If you want to discuss something with us, leave a comment, even if it is not directly related to the topic, and we will be there, ready to answer your questions and share our opinions.

Oh, and to keep you updated all the time and let you know what is going on, we are on Social Media too, so feel free to follow us EVERYWHERE. So you won’t be left alone in the dark, waiting for a post with no idea when, and having insomnia wondering what we might be up.

Finally, we want to say that we are really excited about launching this blog. As this introduction is our first post, we can only warn you that you will see ourselves and this blog evolve. This is the beginning, and we can’t know for sure how much our writing and structure is going to change through time. But we will keep the focus on our main goal which is to share with you our thoughts, opinions, feelings and reviews about things that have some meaning (positive or negative) for us.

We are so excited to have you on board. And, yes. We talk about (almost) everything. 



  1. Interesting to have a blog on so many topics. I have been a geek my whole life as well. I started playing video games when I was 6. My first love was Legend of Zelda games. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
    Stella the Travelerette recently posted…How to Have a Perfect Day in Mitte in BerlinMy Profile

    • Oooh Legend of Zelda! Good times haha. Thanks for visiting, we have created this blog to basically talk about our interests. It’s something we do out of passion.

  2. I am more than excited <3 This is so awesome!!
    Nya recently posted…Tuesday Talks #4 – Do you shop for specific books or are you a browser?My Profile

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