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First Glance posts are all about first impressions, video games we haven’t had the chance to fully explore yet or other unfinished business.

I should had posted this before because I wanted to write about Batman v Superman since I’ve walked out of the cinema, and I actually started to write a full review about it, but then I stopped it. I decided I wanted to do something different actually. So you might be wondering, how can a movie review be a First Glance post? (Specially when I watched it twice) and that’s a fair question. The truth is that the cinema version is not complete. As you all know 30 min are missing, and 30 min is really long for a movie. In that case, it makes sense that the Ultimate Cut – 3 hour movie – will get the Full Review while the cinema version is included here as a First Glance. And I want to prepare you mentally because the Full Review will be long, very long, and all in one post, just like a 3 hour movie. Because that’s the kind of review Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice deserves.

In the meantime, I’m not going to spoil anything in this First Glance post, but I’ll tell you about the distinct thoughts that have been going through my head during the two separate times I have watched the movie. This will scratch the surface of it, so I can dig as deep as possible in the Full Review. Now don’t worry, I will still post related content while you are waiting for my amazingly long Full Review, because I never forget you, Silvers.

Does the movie deserve all the hate of the critics ? No. Is it a good movie ? Definitely, yes. It is known that the movie has purposely and directly targeted the comic book nerds. But it doesn’t matter if you aren’t one, because the movie is still entertaining for the fans of blockbusters. Keep only in mind that it is completely different from Marvel’s style. This isn’t either funny or light. I understand some of you like Marvel, either because you are a comics book fan and enjoy watching those characters on screen, or because you like blockbusters and have a great time watching them. But you have to free your mind from the style and pattern that Marvel gave to the general comic superhero movies we have had for the past 10 years. And this isn’t a bad thing actually. So of course, if you’re really not into serious topics, forget about Batman v Superman. Otherwise you will really enjoy it.

I can understand that some cinema geeks might have a different perspective, more keen on the technical details, and more willing to notice mistakes. Even though I am a cinema lover myself, I don’t have a full technical perspective (unless it’s really obvious) and I trust mostly on the feelings I obtain from watching the movie. As I see it, just like Art, I base all of my opinion on my own emotions.

I was really excited about Batman v Superman. I mean, really hyped about it as I have enjoyed Man of Steel a lot and I’m a huge Superman fan. Also, I have a blind trust in Zack Snyder as a director because he is this bold, ambitious person who embraces challenges and nail them. He is also, to me, a visionary, for the feelings he gives through his epic style of work. We should already be used to the fact that Snyder is bashed due to his ambitious choices. Such as Watchmen and Man of Steel. This last one, which by the way was criticized as well, is now acclaimed, because Batman v Superman is the new bully. I won’t talk about Watchmen which became a masterpiece after all the bashing.

The first time I went to the cinema to watch the movie in IMAX with Nya (a lovely date), I had high expectations. For many reasons. I love DC, I love Superman, and I love Snyder’s work. As I said, having blind trust in his work, I was pretty sure I would love it, despite the movie having had so much hate to the point that even the critics made me doubt myself. But, in the end, I can say I loved every single bit of it, and in IMAX, Snyder blows your mind! It kept me on the edge of my seat right through to the end. It took me a while in the beginning to get into it, as you don’t see clearly where the main plot is going, but that’s a good thing, since they’ll reveal it at the right time and when you least expect. The dream (that dream!) fascinated me, of course as every dream Zack uses as part of his signature. I think I almost broke my girlfriend’s soft hand out of excitement upon one cameo’s appearance. And I was completely in awe from the very beginning of the last fight scene until the end. Also, the ending of the movie is very Snyder’s with parallel scenes and timelines, well done. Not once has he lost me during the whole thing.

So when I watched the movie for the second time, even if unfortunately by myself and not in IMAX, I still loved it, and became even more convinced of how epic and even a masterpiece this is. Because I knew what to expect, I could focus better on certain points and I will forever thank Zack and the whole cast for bringing us such an EPIC movie with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor and so much content related to the DC Universe! I can’t wait for the Justice League.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was doomed to “fail” before it even started. Having the two greatest pop culture icons facing each other in one movie of course had to divide everyone and bring lots of hate (specially if directed by Zack Snyder – and I can’t see a single reason why). With all the different topics, backgrounds, and characters added, while brilliantly following the plot and staying faithful to the atmosphere, Snyder nailed it. Despite the critics, he made the choice of giving the movie the purpose of introducing the Justice League, which was a right one in my opinion.

As a regular mainstream viewer, you will be entertained with a dark, gloomy, serious and adult-like Superhero movie where important questions are asked and choices are made according to the existence of Superheroes, Monsters and Vigilantes. It has epic scenes, a fabulous soundtrack and a breathtaking pace that keeps you engaged in  a tension that never ceases to grow until the final release. Utterly awesome. On top of that, if you’re a comic book fan, you will love all the references, connections to the universe and Easter eggs.

Forget about the haters and go watch it if you still haven’t. It is worth it, and it is one of the greatest Superhero movie of all time (at least for me) and another masterpiece added to Snyder’s filmography.

See you in June for the Full Review and the Final Verdict.


  1. I agree with tor thoughts. Personally, I have always been glad we watched the movie despite what the critics say. I watched this months ago. But, O cant help to comment here to express how I felt it was worth watching 🙂

  2. I know, this post is old and it has been almost a year since the movie was released. But early on, I remember trying to watch the movie and actually fell asleep both times. Eventually, I came to know that there is another version (ultimate) but so far, I have not watched it. I now have a copy, so it’s only a matter of time.

    If I understand correctly, this is suppose to be like a do-or-die for the DC cinematic universe, right?

    Since I was a kid, I had always been a DC guy. I never liked Marvel. But when it comes to movies, I do enjoy Marvel movies much more than DC. I don’t know why, but I think DC could do a better job.

    Anyway, I hope to watch the ultimate edition soon and hopefully, would enjoy it.

  3. I watched the movie, and it’s different than Avengers. And bec. Marvel brainwashed us on what a superhero movie should be like, people judge BvS against Marvel’s.

    But I liked the movie, and excited for the WW and JL movies next year. It’s a superhero movie for adults, young kids will not appreciate it. I will search for your full review about the 3 hour uncut version, if it was published already
    Sonnie recently posted…How To Hold An Administrative MeetingMy Profile

    • It’s not there yet, we still havn’t got the Blu-Ray but we pre-ordered it ! As soon as I watched it I’ll review it full, but will be a long post ! I completely agree with you. Marvel occupied the big screen for too long with the same schema for Superheroes and now people compare this DC Universe to it. I also agree with you that it’s not for kids as it’s more mature and darker. But all of this remind a bit of history. Even though I’m too young to have known this time, I’ve seen on research that back then, when DC was selling less comics and Marvel came to sell more of their comics, DC had to change their line and started to be more adult and mature. And that’s what it feels now too. DC was the one starting on the big screen, even though was not really great adaptations, but nowadays Marvel is really the one everywhere and DC decided to do the same thing as before. They change the line and become more adult and mature.
      I can’t wait either for WW and JL but also to see the Batman stand alone !
      Fenrile recently posted…Behind The Scenes June 2016My Profile

  4. I haven’t watched the movies yet until now since i’ve been reading bad reviews about it. But based on your blog, I would like to give it a chance. Been a fan of superman since I was a kid. Watched all movies, so I’ll watch this movie soon so that i’ll know if the bad comments are true. Thank you for sharing this!

    • I’m a big fan of Superman too. And despite what people say, even about Man of Steel, I really like this Superman. I really love this movie and all the characters. But it’s best to give a chance and make your own opinion about it. Critics don’t reflect truth.
      Fenrile recently posted…Behind The Scenes June 2016My Profile

  5. I don’t take what critics say to heart. I’ll go see a movie if it’s something I want to watch. I thought this was a pretty good movie. I’m not an avid comic book fan and I liked the movie. So sue me! If you were entertained then the movie did its job.
    Louisa recently posted…Have a Healthy Lifestyle with Robinsons Supermarket Wellness Festival “Freshtival”My Profile

    • Critics can give you some hints if you are skeptical about something, but in any cases, it’s always good to watch and make your own opinion. I’m glad the movie entertained you ! The big flaw was having a lot of fan service not much explained
      Fenrile recently posted…Behind The Scenes June 2016My Profile

  6. I’ve wanted to see this movie, but it’s so annoying when well-meaning friends preempt you with their own opinions on a movie or TV show!
    “Don’t watch it”, “It sucks”… or even “It’s so good! You should watch it!”, these opinions from friends elevate your expectations and you will end up disappointed if it didn’t live up to that. I love Snyder’s work, and I should be careful about listening to spoilers from friends before seeing a movie.

    • Yes I can understand. My girlfriend has huge expectations about Watchmen and she got disappointed when she read it. Same as me for Deadpool, I really loved it, but I had huge expectations that for the comics story I got a few disappointment. I had really huge expectations about Batman V Superman because I was waiting for a long time and I love Snyder’s work. I was also afraid with all the critics. But I really loved the movie. It’s an amazing one and I can’t wait to have it in Blu-Ray and watch it all over again
      Fenrile recently posted…Behind The Scenes June 2016My Profile

  7. I havent watched the movie… But I’ll definitely watch that if given the time to do so. I overheard from my officemate that the it is not good. But that didn’t made me skeptical because maybe in my perspective, that will be a good one.

    Upon reading this post of yours, it made me really wonder what the movie really offers. Sigh. I need to see this movie.
    Ming recently posted…My 27 Birthday WishlistMy Profile

    • Go for it and make your own opinion of it, if you can free your mind from bad opinions and see the movie without exceptions that’s good. But the movie is really worth watching and entertaining. Let us know what you think once you’ve watched it

  8. i have wanted to see this movie, but i was a little weary because some said it sucked. maybe i will end up seeing it

    • Watch it with a free mind. Don’t have any expectations and enjoy a moment where for the first time we have Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman. The movie is not shit, it’s really good even if there could be some bad parts. The movie is worth watching and very entertaining. Give it a chance and let us know what you think!

  9. I am a DC fan and I think this movie is unfairly reviewed. The movie is bad ass. I love it so much.

  10. I am a huge fun of Superman too but I haven’t watched the movie yet! Love superheroes! Thanks for sharing such an amazing review! Can’t wait for your full review in June!

  11. I haven’t seen this yet but I agree that this film was doomed to fail before it began. This film had such high expectations that it really had only one way to go, and that way is down. I think I’ll give this a watch sometime when I have the time 🙂

    • Totally, but I think if you manage to get out of this bad “thought” and enjoy the movie how it is with the interest into the characters, you might enjoy it and be entertained. Let us know what you think once you’ve watched it!

  12. I still haven’t seen it yet. According to friends, it was horrible and that in itself deterred me from going. But I love your review and incorporating the concept if “First Glance”.

    • Thank you! I hope your friends didn’t fall too much into the bad critics all over the place to say it is horrible. Even though I can understand some points can be criticized, I don’t agree that the movie is horrible. It has really good points worth watching it, and by watching it the second time I found the movie even more perfect. I can’t wait for the Ultimate Cut and see if the reviews get better. 30min is a lot for a movie. Hope you’ll give it a chance. Let us know what you think if you do!

  13. Sad to say I still haven’t watched Batman vs. Superman so I cannot really jump into the discussion. I heard mixed reviews with this movie. Well, some are really super fans that they think the movie didn’t do justice for their favorite heroes. I don’t know if I’ll ever have intentions of watching it since I’ve never watched the Batman and Superman movies. I’m really a Marvel fan 🙂 But thanks for sharing though. I’m sure people will love your review.

    • Thank you! Well, mood, pace and atmosphere is really different than Marvel’s. Not better or worst, just different. Also, I can understand the ones who think it didn’t do justice to their favorite heroes, but every stories of each superheroes has to be adapted in a different ways. Even the comics shows different types of the superheroes, we can’t keep the same exact Superman than in the 30’s. Characters have to evolve and show different things but by keeping the original work, and I think Snyder succeeded in that. Let us know what you think if you ever have the chance to watch it! 🙂

  14. i am a big super heroes fan , so yeah! i am biased too! love the review!

  15. I haven’t seen it yet because I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it. It seems like it’s an exciting movie to watch and the max experience is great. I just hope your girlfriends hand is okay, haha.

    • Yes, even if you can’t compare both and Batman v Superman brings a lot more, it’s like Avatar in a way where, even if you don’t like the movie, it’s an awesome experience to watch it in 3D because of how it’s made. Batman v Superman is the same, not in 3D but in IMAX is an awesome experience worth having to see those two icons that way.
      And yeah haha, her hand is alright, thank you for her !
      Fenrile recently posted…First Glance – Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeMy Profile

  16. Great review! I actually am really excited about this movie now that I know other people think it is good! I am not a huge fan of superheroes but I love a good movie with some action in it.
    Alison recently posted…Grilled Ribeye Steaks with Chimichurri SauceMy Profile

    • Thank you! Without being a fan of superheroes and/or DC Universe there will be sure some hints and Easter eggs related to the universe you won’t understand much. Still the movie is really entertaining and the pace is perfect. It just keeps growing until the final moment. It’s not like full of actions a bit of everywhere without a true purpose. Hope you enjoy and let us know what you thought!

  17. My husband is a big fan of Batman/ Superman movies. I will share this review with him!

    • Hope he likes it. You will also be able to show him the Full Review of the movie that will be much longer and detailed in July after the release of the Blu-ray/Ultimate Cut edition!

  18. We saw the super low Rotten Tomatoes scores and decided not to see the movie in theaters. I think we’ll eventually see it and I hope we like it as much as you did!

    • I don’t approve website like Rotten Tomatoes where Star Wars 7 got such a high score and Watchmen and low one for exanple

  19. I haven’t seen the movie yet, planning on going over the next few weeks when I get the time. Everyone I know who has seen it has said it is amazing which has made me super excited to see it. I cried at the end of the dark knight rises when Alfred talks at the grave when he thinks he’s dead, hopefully nothing will get me going this time around haha!

    • Haha, well I can’t tell you if that will happen or not, otherwise it will be spoilers, but I hope you’ll enjoy the movie in any cases as it’s worth watching and offers a really epic entertainment. I couldn’t say much about the Dark Knight movies tho, as I don’t like Christian Bale and I didn’t like the taste of the trilogy (colors, pictures, writing, etc), only Heath Ledger was worth watching the 2d movie and held all of it on his shoulders which is amazing. Ben Affleck’s Batman anyway is to me the best on screen and the most epic. So badass. Let us know what you think !
      Fenrile recently posted…First Glance – Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeMy Profile

  20. A 30 minute cut? That is rather significant! I haven’t seen it but heard from many it’s a let down. I want to check it out soon.

    • Rather significant indeed. Without checking a lot, even if there’s always Director’s cut versions, I think there was a problem with the rating and a scene they had to cut. But Zack said that the feeling of bad cut you can have during the movie is from the scenes they cut that is equivalent to 30min. That’s also why I want to see the full movie to give a full review. In any cases, Snyder is a visionary and an artist for me. All his movies are masterpieces in their own ways and even if many say it’s a let down, the movie is really worth watching and if you may be disappointed by some parts, it surely doesn’t deserve all the hate. It is pretty badass and epic besides the wonky parts. Give it a chance and let us know what you thought!

  21. I haven’t seen it yet, but i’m planning to this week! I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this movie, but i think it is because people are expecting something similar to Marvel and they need to realise that DC is a completely different universe and a different style too. I loved Man of Steel, so i am really looking forward to seeing this movie 🙂

    • You are right, many critics compares to Marvel and says it’s not funny enough or some things like that. But we are also used to see Zack Snyder bashed a lot. As I said, Man of Steel was criticized and now that Batman v Superman is the new bully, well Man of Steel is acclaimed. But if you loved it you should sure love Batman v Superman. It is very different, but same style and very faithful. Let us know what you thought about it!

  22. I am really not into these kinds of movies. I have heard both good and bad from the people who have seen it. I guess that it is just a matter of taste.

  23. Well, not exactly my type of film, but you made it sound fascinating, so maybe I’ll have a look if it’s on nearby 🙂 Thanks for sharing 😀

  24. At first I wasn’t convinced 100% of watching this movie, I didn’t know what to expect from it but after watching it, I can say it was a good movie. In not a comic fan but it was entertaining to watch.

    • That is true, the movie is entertaining when you’re not a comic fan if you go there with an open mind and accept the universe

  25. I remember when we got out of the movie and we both said, almost at the same time: I LOVED IT! Definitely, awesome movie. Great review, as always.
    Nya recently posted…Spotlight & Giveaway: The Gift-Knight’s QuestMy Profile

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